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I haven’t written in a few days, but I have been busy.  I’ve been sewing up a storm (sort of) and we have done work around the yard.  And I said good-bye to my friend TN, who just moved to SC.  She is setting up house now and ready to have baby #2  in a few weeks.


  • made L4 dress
  • started L4 shorts
  • picnic dinner with family at Highland Park, then a lovely walk around the park


  • Shopping spree at JoAnn Fabric’s big Memorial Weekend sale.  It was a good time.  Evidence below.
  • Watering & weeding of the veggie garden beds.
  • Cleaning house.


  • More house cleaning
  • more watering & gardening
  • Visit with TN & family
  • More sewing


  • Rip out and relaying of front walkway (pics to come when it is done)
  • Some sewing & knitting (gasp!)
  • Dinner at my parents’ house to celebrate my dad’s birthday (today!)

And here are some pictures from the weekend:


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Life is Good

Friday’s happenings:

  • playing with L4
  • sewing (with L4 and for her)
  • perusing books at B & N
  • haircut (love getting my hair washed and cut, such a luxury!) 
  • picnic at Highland Park for dinner, the roaming around afterward with my family

 L1 took lots of pictures, hopefully to be posted later.

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”

–William Wadsworth

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We all scream for ice-cream!  Summer temperatures, summer treats.  L1 made us homemade vanilla ice-cream tonight with chocolate chips.  Oh so tasty!  What did I do today?

  • Cut out fabric for L3’s shorts — this took an hour!!  geesh.
  • Design, cut out, and sewed most of a dress for L4, inspired by the Chicken Dress (sans chicken for us) by SouleMama.
  • Weeded more. 
  • Planted a loganberry, some tomatilla seeds, carrot seeds, and reseeded lettuce that didn’t fair well in the transplant nor with the heat from the past couple of days. 

Tomorrow, some pictures of the gardens, I hope!  Tomorrow is an L4 stay-at-home day, and I’m sure she and I will be busy together. 

“Dress simply and have faith in possibility.”

–from the Banana Republic postcard I bought on the 9th grade National Junior Honor Society trip to DC, purchased in Annapolis.  (You can see the postcard on the wall of my craft space in the picture of L4 helping me sew.)

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The tips of my fingers are sore, and it isn’t from knitting (though that did happen today).  I weeded many of my garden beds today, and weeded my entire patio.  Ugly though it is (made of those 1″ deep cinder block pavers), it is a sore sight when it is covered, literally, in weeds.  Every spring I put off the patio weeding day, but I could stand it no longer today.  It looks sooooo much better now.  Even L3 noticed it! 

Besides the copious, never-ending weeding, I also managed to plant several varieties of sunflowers today and to reseed my African daisies that did not do so well when I transplanted them.  This year I’m hoping that I will actually get to enjoy all of those sunflower seeds in the form of flowers rather than being grievously disappointed when I find the flower head chomped off by our neighborhood deer.  There will be pictures in late summer, either way.

The last thing I did tonight was to mow around all the trees and places where L1 couldn’t get with our lawn tractor last night.  I’m whipped and I still want to restart my Sockapalooza sock before bed tonight.  Will it happen?  We shall see…

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. (Thank you.)”  –Marcel Proust

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A Day at the Lake

Today KAB was taking some of her lampwork jewelry and wine stoppers to some wineries in the finger lakes that carry her work.  I got to go along and we had a lovely day of it.  I got some wine at Miles (“Cayuga White” and “Ghost”).  I’m not a big drinker, but L1 and I have had a hankering for having some wine and haven’t had anything appropriate in the house.  I worked on my stealth knitting project while KAB did business at the second winery, and then we had lunch at Fox Run winery.  It was delicious and we were able to eat outside with a beautiful view of Seneca lake.  After figuring out the timer on my camera and running like a mad thing, we got a picture of us at Fox Run:

 kabme_800×600.jpg    img_0362_800×533.jpg Wisteria at Fox Run

Then we went to peruse some shops in nearby Canandaigua.  I bought a couple of scarfs (one might be a gift…) and a moonstone ring at a shop called “Adorn.”  There were many beautiful things to look at in the shop, but nothing that Plain Jane me felt I would be able to use/wear.  Still, I loved to look. 


After heading home and getting the kids the day ended with pesto pasta with quorn (fake meat product, pesto from the garden last year, yummm) and spinach salads.  Soon I’ll dessert upon a blueberry banana cake that I made last night (recipe from SouleMama’s blog).  It’s been a great day.  *happy sigh*   

“Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,

Healthy, free, the world before me,

The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.”

–Walt Whitman, from “Song of the Open Road”

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Stealth Knitting

The Winter 2006 Knitty had some great kid projects.  I marked several that I wanted to make.  So far I’ve made Sheldon and Piggle.  My boy keeps asking, “Mama, when are you going to make my dragon?”  I’ve had it in my head that I want to have it for him for his kindergarten “graduation” on June 19th.  Today I started knitting it for him, and it will be my stealth knitting project.  I did the tail and hips for it this afternoon.  It will be a labor of love because I do not enjoy working with textured yarn (pattern calls for Knit Picks Crayon), and it is two strands held together.  At least it isn’t a large dragon!


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My newest project = shoes, Robeez style for L4.  I’m also about to make another pair for my friend T’s little girl for her birthday.  I was nervous about sewing with leather, but with the leather needle in my sewing machine, things went just fine.  I’ll be making L4 more in the future, and possibly some for baby gifts.  I loved these for both of my kids when they were infants because they held their socks on well.  We were given a pair as a gift for L3 and used them for L4, too, until she wore holes in them!  They are a bit pricey to by (~$25/pair) so I was excited when I saw Zen and the Art of Being Mama had made some for her daughter.  I did a search and found a pattern online.  Voila!  Pictures, of course (full size on flikr):

 L4 shoes     L4 & Mama

The one on the right is my girl helping me sew a skirt I made for myself this morning (thus the crazy hair I’m sporting).  I’ve been liking orange, lately, no idea why.  I detested it as a child. 

To finish off for the night, KAB left a comment suggesting a great fabric place.  I looked at them, but was more interested in the patterns.  I would like to make this one and this one.  I think I might be able to figure out the first one on my own/design something close, but I just might be buying the second pattern toward the end of summer to make for this fall.  It would be a great coat to wear with my Clapotis.  All of my coats have velcro, which is horrible for all of my knitted lovelies.  And just so people don’t think my knitting has gone to the wayside, I’ve been diligently working on my dad’s birthday socks.  I’m on the heal flap for sock#2.  I had to rip out my Sockapalooza Sock, but will restart it this week once dad’s socks are done.  I’m hoping to work a couple of rows on Tuscany tonight, too.  And put L3’s clothes in the dryer so the boy doesn’t have to go to school naked tomorrow. 

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you’ve imagined.”

–Henry David Thoreau

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