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I finally had the chance to sew my favorite fabric find from the end of August into something for L4 today. Again, I am loving Girly Style Wardrobe! Today’s FO is skirt D from the book. Here we have L4 modeling, as well as a uncooperative hanger.

I think she’ll be able to wear the skirt for quite a while because it came out longer than I was expecting and there is a bit of extra room in the waist, despite the elastic back to it. Fine by me because I love it!

I’ve been doing many projects over the past week, just not getting pictures of them. 😦 I made two shirts for myself (fabric from the above-referenced fabric run), and if I get some pictures of them I’ll make another post about them.

I also received an order from Sublime Stitching this week and stitched one of the patterns on a (Goodwill-scored) t-shirt for L3 Friday evening. Here it is:


L3 picked the face to put on it, there were several options. He loves it, and I loved doing it, so happiness all around.

I have to end with a picture of the babes wearing some of their handmade happiness from Mama.
L4’s expression in the picture cracks me up. She can make the best grumpy faces. She was not a “smiley” baby, and though she smiles often now, she is very, very good at making crankster faces. Friends and family can attest to that. πŸ™‚


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We have been trying to repaint our living room for several weeks now. We ran into a road block when the colors just weren’t working for us. KAB came over to view it/give us advice. We took her advice, but didn’t really get going on it for various reasons. (One reason: trying to cover up the calligraphy marker on the wall from when L3 was 2 years old that wouldn’t come off all these years.) Our furniture has been pushed in odd places all over the living room/dining room area (it’s one big room) during this time of decorating flux and looks as if the room should be condemned for the mess it has been.

Last night we finally starting painting over the problem color (a dark green trim) with a coat of primer then a first coat of semi-gloss. Why? Because we have several guests coming this weekend and couldn’t leave the living room in such a state. There would be no where for people to sit! We hope to at least finish all the baseboard and door trim this afternoon. There are six windows in the room, so they probably won’t be done by 11am tomorrow morning. The kids need some attention in all of this, too! Last night they got to watch Charlie Brown and a Land Before Time movie while we painted. Way too much TV, they were too wired and didn’t fall asleep until after 10pm last night. Bad, bad parents.

One interesting thing that we did learn doing this painting project: all of the paints L1 looked at were all low-VOC! No stinky paint smells, and better (though not necessarily great) for the environment.

What have you done for the sake of guests coming to your home?

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The Runny Nose Dilemma

In my ongoing search for ways to consume less resources one of my dilemma’s has been with facial tissues. For a time we tried to use the recycled kind, but they hurt my nose! So I’ve been feeling guilty (yes, it crops up all over the place, doesn’t it?) about using non-recycled paper tissues. I try to use them as much as I can, but still, they get thrown out after very little use. Lately I’ve been contemplating the idea of hankies, as they were called in my family growing up. Today I’m going to try it out, with some cocktail napkins someone gave us. When we got them I had no idea what we were going to do with them–we don’t serve cocktails! But now I see them as the perfect size for nose blowing, wiping, etc. For those of you who visit with us and may need a tissue, don’t worry. I’ll keep a box on hand for you . . . for now. πŸ™‚

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Feeling Full on Little House

I have been slowly, slowly reading the Little House series to L3 over the past several years. One of the things I have enjoyed about this process, that I didn’t remember from my own childhood reading of the books, is how amazing it is to learn about how self-sufficient and sustainable their lives were. L3 and I marvel at all they would. Today I had a small measure of what that type of life must have felt like (and I mean small) when I finally took my dried lavender to hull it, for lack of a better word. I sat on the porch with L4 (my sometimes helper) carefully twisting and rubbing off each little set of buds off of each stem I had dried over the past couple of weeks.



1. Lavender drying (L1 enhanced the color digitally there!) 2.All the buds that simply fell off before I could try to harvest them into the bowl. 3. The stems after they were picked clean(ish) 4. The resulting dried lavender, smelling oh-so-good.

The whole process, of course, began in spring 2006 when I planted my organic lavender garden. One year later, I have a wonderful harvest of lavender, healthy, happy plants in the garden bed, and I get to use the harvest in some other projects.

Sneak Peak:

And now back to my day job, grading.

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Over the past few days I’ve been hearing little voices busy in various activities. Whispering to themselves, voices pitched at different levels to be different “people” as they are engaged in imaginary play, little voices giving themselves commands (ex: “blankie has to stay in this spot!”). Tonight’s little voices were raised in song. Ohhhhh, that’s sweet, you might say. Especially if I were to tell you it was a voice singing “twinkle twinkle little star.” The catch? L4 (the 2-year-old) used her best heavy metal rock star voice to sing/shout, “TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR” as we were in the car.



No matter how complicated life becomes with you, my babes, I wouldn’t trade you for anything.

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Cherries, Girly Style

You probably wouldn’t think you’d read a post title like that around here now, would you? Let me introduce you to the reason:
L4's Cherry Shirt

Another shirt from Girly Style Wardobe. It was supposed to have a little ribbon tied around the waist band, but the shirt said it was done after the hem and I listened. The fabric is 100% cotton, the shirt is view K from the book, in case you have it and were wondering. Despite the patterns being written in Japanese, the visual directions are really quite good. It does help having some previous sewing experience, too, because you have an idea of what to do at certain steps.

Despite it now being fall, L4 won’t be able to actually wear the shirt this week since it is supposed to be warm here (91 on Tuesday–not warm for Tara, maybe, but in upstate NY in September, that’s toasty). I have a short sleeve pattern from the book traced, maybe I’ll get to making the shirt this week. It might prove to be more challenging because it has a pleated front. Stay tuned.

Today was also a knitting day! I was able to meet up with people from Ravelry as well as those with whom I’ve been knitting over the past few weeks. It was fun, but a bit crazy, too, with so many conversations going on at once. I did actually knit, not just talk, while there. The first half of the table runner is officially DONE! (choirs of angels are singing, yes.) I even knit several rows on Cables and Os today. It and a gift for L3 will be my knitting WIPs this week as I am waiting for needles to arrive to keep working on the table runner. Tomorrow is a test day in my statistics class, so I get to knit while the students sweat. [insert evil chuckle here]

Little voices that should be sleeping are calling . . .

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“Balance” has so many connotations to it. Today our family was focusing on the balance of light and dark, day and night as the moment of the autumnal equinox approaches. We spent the day doing things to prepare for the winter and celebrate the fall as it stands where we live right now. (more…)

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