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I have energy updates and some blabbering about the Buy-Nothing Challenge, but I thought first something lighter would be good. Here are some shots from two different photo shoots with Miss L4 this afternoon. I finally got around to asking her to wear her Apple Sky Pants. L1 and I both had her outside at different times today (me without sun and even some snow, plus the dog!) and had fun getting pictures of our on-the-go girl.

Anyway, I thought I’d get some feedback. Which pictures do you think I should use for the listing of these pants (not this exact pair, they’re L4’s) in the shop? I can put up to 5 pictures in with a listing. If you look at the above post, you’ll see I have a couple of plain shots of them, and I also have a shot of the apple/pear fabric so people can choose which they’d like on the pants (this one will be a definite of the 5). I won’t be putting any of the girl and dog shots up, but I wanted to share because I think they’re fun. So which 4, if any, do you think I should use?! Please leave a comment and let me know! And the dirt on the pants from her outdoor fun? I’ll have L1 photo shop that out for me if you think those shots should go in the listing. 🙂

Apple Sky Mosaic


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Of course I weed, I water, and last night I made sure everything that had been planted outside was covered for the frost warning.
Lettuce bed

Onion bed

But I have now gone beyond that. Last night my book club met at a local coffee shop that is within walking distance of my house. It was a great place, though the first time I had ever been in there. And what did this first time customer do? (Yes, I bought some steamed milk with a flavor shot–you tell me if you think that is nonessential. I think it was, but I was cold and didn’t want to bring my own tea to a local place!) After placing my order with the very friendly and helpful staff I asked, “What do you do with your used coffee grounds?” The answer was that they throw them out. So I asked if I could have them once and a while for my compost pile (we don’t drink coffee in our home). I’ve been thinking about it for sometime, but it is quite unlike me to do something like this. I’m too shy, I guess. But I did it! And now I am waiting for the owner to call me and tell me if I can have some of their used grounds.

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Buy Nothing Update 4

This week we used money on the following:

  • Vet bill (eek!)
  • Food
  • Gas
  • Bills (they’re so pesky, every week!!)

The nonessential of the week:

  • Fabric for the shower gift. Then I went to town and made six napkins, hand-embroidered them all, and made six place mats, which was like making twelve because they were reversible. It was down to the wire to finish them Friday night, especially because I cut one diamond through the middle mistakenly and had to get more fabric to replace it. Bleh. The finally product was worth it, I think. Here are some shots of it all:

Taylor Placemat Side 1 Taylor Placemat Side 2
Taylor Napkin Closeup

Now I’m free to work on finishing up an order (it’s been fun so far, Shannon!) and finally, finally getting around to making bags for bulk foods and produce. It’s supposed to rain most of the week, so it will be perfect for inside projects. Which means that we are going to be a bit manic getting some outside projects done today, including mowing the lawn (in April?!?).

Happy Day to All!

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My boy comes home from school today, runs upstairs to see me (where I’m diligently sewing on the bridal shower gift… more on that in another post!) and shows me a bag of garbage.  He exclaims, “Mama, Mama, look!  I picked this up on the playground today at recess!!”  Mama cringes as she thinks there was that much litter on the boy’s school playground, but then I said, “That’s great, buddy.  I’m so glad you cleaned it up.”  He told me how he organized his friends to do it with him at recess (those who know L3, you know what a little dictator he can be!) and they cleaned up together, “instead of playing, Mama!”  Later on, while walking Jasper together, L3 tells me that he can’t wait to clean up more and that he named his club, “Clean Up Litter, Save the Earth Club.”

This Crunchy Mama’s heart was fluttering with joy–he does listen.  Maybe those listening ears worked, after all.

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Remember this? Yesterday I had my first lettuce out of the cold frame that I planted at the end of October (after growing from seeds starting in September, I think). All of the green lettuce died during the winter, but the red salad bowl all made it, beautiful and tasty. Red Salad Bowl Lettuce on 4-25

There are two leeks getting bigger everyday in there, and one broccoli plant that I didn’t think was going to make it because something chewed on it last fall before the freezing weather. It seems to be sprouting new leaves now, so I’m hopeful that we may have some early broccoli from it. (Someday, Al, I’ll utilize more fully as you do! Or take better care of it….)

Leek in the Cold Frame on 4-25

Meanwhile some of my seedlings are desperately awaiting our drip irrigation lines to be laid in the garden beds so they can be plants. Even though there isn’t much in the back garden right now, I’m out there every day pulling weeds and just walking through the paths dreaming and feeling peace. It is one of my special outdoor places. When I step into the garden area it is like I’m in another world. Be prepared to follow some of the garden journey for this year!

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Hmmm, a Crunchy Life–must be a great post about loving the Earth, all hearts and flowers and rainbows for Earth Day, right?


The past few days I have been contemplating what I would “do” for Earth Day. Then this morning I had this revelation that I wasn’t going to “do” anything. For me, Earth Day has become much like Valentine’s Day–a holiday that has been taken over by rampant consumerism and in that has lost much of its meaning. So just like I acknowledge V-day but don’t do much for it, I decided the course of action would be applied to Earth Day.

You see, I feel like I try to live every day as if it was Earth Day. In fact, the title from above comes from a t-shirt I bought in 8th or 9th grade (we’re talking almost 20 years ago, people). I didn’t know as a teenager that making posters for the hallways of my junior high school or wearing a button about recycling would be a part of my life as an adult. (I still have the button!) But those things are, as they are a part of my children’s lives, too. So just as I don’t just tell my kids and those around me that I love love love them on Valentine’s Day, but everyday, so it will be for my love of Gaia.

I know that by having a day like Earth Day it can help raise the awareness of those who haven’t made this a life path, who are learning more all the time. But I truly can’t stand all the “green” products of today’s marketplace. I mean, who they hell does Clorox think they are with their “green clean” products?!? All that is doing is capitalizing on something that seems to be a fad right now. Of course, I hope it isn’t a fad. I have so much hope for all the people who become more aware of the environment issues we all face and make choices in their lives to help out. But people, it doesn’t start with buying MORE, it starts with buying LESS. Fix what you have, reuse it, re-purpose it. Buy used, not new. Even if a new product is green, it is still using more resources than if you were to buy something used or to keep on using what you already have.

So I’m not going to celebrate Earth Day today, I’m going to celebrate my everyday because I want to have more days like this one:

Letchworth 4-08 15

okay, /rant.

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This week money was spent on:

  • food
  • bills

I was sorely tempted to buy supplies for my shop at the craft thrift shop yesterday, but I put everything back.  I went in looking for fabric to make something for the bridal shower I’m attending next weekend, but didn’t find anything.  This coming week I expect to spend money on something for the bridal shower, food, materials to help rebuild our garden fence (see one reason why HERE), and more bills.

Off topic, but the summer temperatures we’ve been experiencing here have made things leaf out so beautifully.  There is green everywhere now, and color from flowers, too.  After getting the garden beds ready on Thursday, I planted snow and snap peas yesterday in a bed, finally began working on the 2008 garden map (Al–I’m such a slacker!!) and planted some cucumber seeds inside.  Today I hope to start some other seeds outside and then I have to water everything.  The sun and the temperatures have been lovely, but we need rain, too.

Has anyone else been doing the Buy Nothing Challenge?  If so, how are you doing?

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