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Well, not quite L4. She shouted this out the window to me today. L1 spotted it first–a wild turkey! We followed it around the surrounding neighbors’ yards and L1 got some shots of it. Hmm, if we weren’t vegetarian we would have had some local, free-range meat handy if I would have let Jasper loose. It was beautiful to watch it walking around, and then we got to see it fly, too.



Look, L4, Jasper and I are a blur in the background watching this happen!

It was a lovely, full day. L1 and I were up and painting this morning on that project from way back, working on the trim. There is a lot of trim. My goal (not sure if L1 knows this or not, heheheh) is to have this project done by weekend’s end. Really, it’s very doable with how much we did this morning. Then we went strawberry picking at last! We picked 18 quarts this morning and L1 has already froze 4 of them. Tomorrow the great jam making session begins. Then we’ll have pies and muffins and all sorts of lovely other tasty goods made with those beautiful red globes. *happy sigh*

And because it has been awhile, I want to leave you with this quote by David Orr that is in Simple Prosperity. Maybe I like it because I feel like it justifies the way I’ve chosen to live, or because it makes me feel like less of a failure for not making it to the tenure track in academia. Whatever the reason, I think it’s one for all of us to contemplate, regardless of where we are in our lives.

The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.


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We slept out again last night.  It rained.  The good news?  Our tent didn’t leak!  We bought it at the end of last summer because our back-packing tent, the one we used before children when we did hard core camping, just isn’t big enough for more than two adults and a baby (we took L3 to the Adirondacks for some hiking when he was 14 months old).  Anyway, L1 and I both awoke to the sound of the pouring rain over our heads last night, and, unbeknownst to each of us, were both thinking, “Crap, now we’re going to get soaked!”  We awoke early this morning to a dry tent.  🙂  We both also awoke very sore.  I don’t like it when my early 30s body feels old.  And did I this morning.  After doing a little bit of sleeping bag yoga I felt a little better.  Thank goodness today is my yoga class–my body needs it!

As for the tent, it needs to come down today but the forecast is for rain.  Perhaps the close line in the porch will come in handy again.

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1st Night out 001

Last night we spent our first camp out (in the backyard) of the summer. I didn’t get home from work until at least 10:30pm last night, but the kiddos were sound asleep by the time I arrived. It sounds like L3 spent some time getting them both a little scared about hearing “noises” outside of the tent. 🙂 Jasper didn’t like sleeping in the porch portion of the tent by himself, so he crawled out last night and we saw his shadow walking outside of the tent. We had to let him in through the door by our heads and he came and slept next to L1 all night long quite soundly. This morning we woke to the light in the tent, the cacophony of bird song and calls, and, sadly, the traffic by our home. All in all, it was a great opening for the season.

This morning, while L3 was still sleeping and L4 was munching on some dry cereal in the tent, L1 and I went for an early morning pick in the garden. Jasper laid nearby, happy to be outside. And we happily picked Gaia’s bounty.

1st Night out 002

It’s looking to be a great summer.

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I just had an email from an OIT specialist saying he found my jump drive and dropped it off to me at the OIT office.  I am so thankful and will be backing that little piece of electronic wonder when I bring it home tomorrow night.    All that work is saved, those grades are saved, and I will be sure that information is in multiple places now. (Some of it was backed up, but not all.)  I feel so light!

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We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately. While it’s been fantastic for our garden, our laundry has been piling up very high because we’ve been trying to avoid using the dryer. In fact, it was getting so bad that I was looking at the unders that I wore back in the days when we were first married and I was trying to make sure my husband stayed interested–you know, the uncomfortable kind. (Oh, and we had a little plumbing issue… another thing for the groan list.) L1, brilliant man that he is, finally decided to figure out an indoor clothing line (I’ve been pestering a bit about it, I’ll admit) yesterday. While I had been contemplating something in our house, he rigged up something last night (after 9pm!) on our dilapidated porch.
Porch Clothes Line
Of course, I’ll only be able to reach the line with a step stool, but that’s better than using the electric dryer. Or maybe L1 will be hanging more laundry around here.  🙂

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Smiling and Groaning

Things that have made me smile the past few of days:

  • Watching the people at the public bus stop by my house talk with each other
  • My boy’s face light up when he saw me come into his school yesterday
  • Listening to my students chat with one another
  • Watching L1 and L4 play together
  • Jasper pulling himself up short to follow the “stay” command instead of running after the kids as he desperately wanted to do
  • Getting to the heel flap on my second sock in the first pair I’ve ever made for myself
  • Riding my bike

And the GROAN list:

  • Seeing recyclables in the trash cans at work
  • When my little boy just can’t fall asleep at night and instead keeps turning his and several other lights on upstairs
  • Trying to console L4 to the fact that it is alright that the cat made it down the stairs before she did
  • Jasper chewing up L3’s Father’s Day gift he made at school
  • A very cranky L4 all week long

And the biggest groan that is preying on my mind right now? (It may seem trivial to some, I’ll admit up front!) I have LOST my jump drive. My jump drive with all of my power point files for the class I’m teaching right now and my Intro Psych class PPTs that I have been adding to and changing since 1999. My jump drive with my students’ grades on it. I’m thankful that not all of my classes I’ve taught were on there (I move them off when I’m not teaching them.) and I don’t think any really big personal things were on there. But oh! I’ve had that little red jump drive for several years now. I’ve looked everywhere and check at a couple of offices on campus last night, too. This morning I sent an email out to the entire campus (faculty & staff) about it. I’m hopeful, but my hope is dimming. If you’ve got any little extra bit of energy you might be able to send my way for it, I’d be much obliged.

I’ll end this post with something that makes me smile!

Ellison Park May08 2

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A recent special order for my shop inspired me to finally make a project I’ve had my list for awhile, a drawstring bag for my knitted sock projects. I used a vintage fabric I found at the local craft thrift shop and made the drawstring from leftover fabric from these shirts that I made for L4 last summer. It’s going to be great for all the times that I am trying to walk and knit at the same time (yes, I do this!) because I won’t have to hold my arms close to my body to hold the yarn and hope I won’t drop it.  I’ll be able to tie the bag around my wrist or to a belt loop if I have one. Yesterday I tested it out walking through a parking lot (sidewalks and empty parts–don’t worry, I watched for cars, too.) and it was fantastic–I knit almost two rounds on my sock while walking. Yippie! I love small things that make me happy. (Ex: When I was little, my mother had “balloon curtains” in our dining room and it give me a happy thrill to see them fill with the breeze blowing through the open windows. I used to say, “Look! They’re really balloon curtains now!”)

Sock Bag Mosaic

A note on the sharing of Living the Good Life: I will close sign-ups for passing it around on June 30th, compile the list and then get it out for the sharing, then. I’m excited to pass it on to others to read, too!

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