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Tuesday Ponderings

Hmmm, maybe I’ll have a post each day this week. . .  But on to this post.  I recently read a quote in Touching Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh that resonated with me.

We must stop destroying our body and soul for the idea of happiness in the future.  We have to learn to live happily in the present moment, to touch the peace and joy that are available now.  If someone were to ask us, “Has the best moment of your life arrived yet?” we may say that it will come very soon. But if we continue to live in the same way, it may never arrive.  We have to transform this moment into the most wonderful moment, and we can do that by stopping–stopping running to the future, stopping worrying about the past. . .

Hmmm, yes.  Let’s just say this Yoda quote is a better summary of what I have been like:

This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing.

I’ve often thought about the blinders I wore through my teens/twenties in my obsession to get my PhD, to get married at a certain time, to have kids at a certain time.  Then one step in my grand plan failed and part of me has been derailed every since (and I’ve mentioned that here in the past).  For so long I beat myself up about it, felt such a failure.  Yesterday I enjoyed the peace in the lessons I learned from my project.  Today I’m going to stop worrying about the past and running to the future, or at least I’ll try for some moments like that today.  (Sorry, Yoda, I’m not ready for, “Do or do not, there is not try.”)


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Autumn Beauty Mosaic

Many of you probably experienced show and tell at school growing up. Much as I love spending time with L4, show and tell with her isn’t always fun. So I’m bringing show and tell to my blog. I finished this bag this morning after having it on the side lines for several months. I bought the fabric for it last autumn, worked on designing the pattern over winter and spring, started sewing it over the summer and finished it up this morning. I’ll be putting it up in the shop in sometime soon with some other things (once they’re made! The fabric is sitting in a pile on my desk right now.). It’s one of the few things that I make for the shop that isn’t either a) made with the intention to help people live a “greener” life or b) made with recycled/repurposed materials.

I struggle with this because sometimes there are things that I want to make they don’t fit with what I see as my shop’s mission, “A Crunchy Life features handcrafted items to help you be more gentle on nature and to bring a little touch of nature to your life.”  Today, I’m happy with how the bag turned out.  It was a challenge to figure out the construction, the material was a bit fussy, and I added a magnetic snap to it, plus a little flap closure.  These were all new things for me, so I learned a lot through the process of creation and I feel a happy little glow when I look at my Autumn Beauty Bag.  So now, in this moment, I will find peace in the lessons learned.  (Am I going to get a bunch of “you hypocrite!” comments now?  🙂 )

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We’re Winners!

We’ve won a prize from Knitty.com.  Stay tuned (probably in November) for an official annoucement of what and why.  (Is this a good way to keep you reading?!? 🙂 )

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I should not be allowed to attempt a project in a hurry, especially when the serger is involved.   Let me clarify: I should not be allowed to attempt to make a Japanese pattern in a hurry, especially when the serger is involved.  What should have been a relatively quick and easy project turned out to take double the time for me today because I serged the wrong pieces together (all the while thinking that the pattern was messed up!) and then realized my mistake and had to rip out serged seams.  Just as a reminder: I have the serger set up with 4 threads currently.  Normal sewing = 2 threads.  Tearing out a serged seam is. not. fun.  But in the end I got the skirt together for a very excited L4.  She chose the fabric out of my stash, one that I had purchased at the craft thrift store for $1.25 for 1.25 yards.  I probably used about half of it or so, so the skirt probably cost a little over a dollar with thread and elastic to make.  We won’t count all of my time in the equation.  😛  Of course, I had to get a little photo shoot with my girl and her skirt in action.  She was all about jumping, twirling and swing riding while wearing it.  And I was all about documenting her adventure.

Layer Skirt Mosaic

L4 styled her own hair here, can you tell?

Despite the mishap, making the skirt made me realize I’ve missed the Japanese pattern books on my table (I have hijacked KAB’s books, too.  Good thing she’s up to her eyeballs in all sorts of projects of her own right now.  I can keep pretending they’re mine!)

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My Bliss: Daily Moments

The pace of our daily lives has quickened with the return of school, despite the slowing of life that we feel in the land around us.  As I continue to work on cultivating more mindfulness in my life, I’ve been trying to stop and savor moments of our days.  There are so many good things about our lives, so many things that L1 and I are thankful for–despite the tight finances that most people are experiencing today–we wouldn’t change our life.  We were discussing this as we took an evening walk around a large field recently.  The kids and dog were bounding ahead with the unbridled enthusiasm that fills their young bodies and watched them indulgantly, happily.  And so I have taken our little pocket camera with me lately and have tried to capture some of the moments.  Here’s a little glimpse:
Daily Moments Mosaic 1

What daily moments are making you happy of late? Please share! (pretty please?)

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Barrow full of apples

Believe it or not, that wheel barrow had over 200 apples in it!  That means the lucky winner is. . . Allen!  I just did a post office run, but wasn’t thinking ahead enough to send out the apples to you.  I promise to get them out in the next week.  And I know where you live.  🙂

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Etsy September Update

September Shop Update

All of these will be up in the shop by Tuesday afternoon. Everything is now listed. Monday was a bit of a blur, so I wasn’t able to get all of it listed. Each project included recycled materials, which was very exciting to me. I had wanted to make more for this update, but have a shoulder injury right now that is limiting my ability to work for an extended period of time. Look for more in a couple of weeks. And now I’ll stop talking about the shop.


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