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Here we go!

Electric Gas Water
totals 320 28.5 181
averages 11 0.966667 6.233333

Electricity saw a 90 kwh drop from September(410kwh), and is about 200 kwh less than we used last October from the energy usage history with our utility company. Whoot! We knew once the dehumidifier was off things would get better. We also saw a drop in water which was lovely. Of course we’re now seeing a sharp increase in gas use. We went up 17.5 therms from September (11 therms). We turned the heat on at the end of the month here. We fully expect to see an increase again in November, but it should be tempered by something we’re doing this coming week. Pictures on Tuesday or Wednesday, once it’s all done.

Sometimes this all feels like a crap shoot, even though I know it isn’t. We have made changes and we can see the result of those changes. We’re currently readingDepletion and Abundance; Life on the New Home Front by Sharon Astyk and frankly, it scares me.  There are some things I feel good about (a quote that the average monthly electricity use in the USA is 900 kwh–holy crap!), but at the same time a discussion of having to reduce energy consumption by 90% is mind-blowing.  I can’t image how we would get down to using just 90 kwh a month.  I’m excited that we reduced our consumption by that much!  That would be basically using 3kwh/day.  Wow.  We’re still early in the book, so I’m sure I’ll learn more.  But I keep reading this before I go to sleep at night.  Must read during daylight hours.

Speaking of. . . trick-or-treating with the kids has me ready for bed, and they’re still on high energy mode.  I hope you all had a lovely Halloween and are ready to welcome November.


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Swirling, drifting, moving like sand, it came down this afternoon in a fury of wind and cold.  None of it is sticking to the ground, but I smiled nonetheless.  I swear I was cursed by every person who saw me happy for the snow.

And now to carve pumpkins with the babes and maybe get some more knitting in before bed.  There’s a raw feeling in my throat that bodes no good, so my plans to lift weigths at long last again are being shutdown.

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Japanese Sewing Lurve

I am in love with a new Japanese pattern book.  And the exciting thing?  It’s for making clothes for me–clothes that I love!!  Check it out here.  From that link, some of the patterns I am looking forward to making are: B, D, E, G, H, I, K, and L.  *sigh*  Of course, I still have a very long list of things to make for the holidays, so who knows when I’ll get to make something out of it.  Maybe I’ll sneak something in during the month of November, though.  Coming soon. . .  the great holiday to-make list, including knitting, sewing, and baking.

Have you started thinking about your holiday lists yet?  Will there be hand-made on them, whatever the craft might be?

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Weekend Hats

My goal for this past weekend: knit three hats.  I managed to get two of the three done, with the third one just cast on last night.  My hands and shoulder said no to the third after I spent much time raking leaves and peeling and coring apples for applesauce.

First, my hat:
Emerald Egg Hat 001 Emerald Egg Hat 003

Next, L4’s hat:
Kids' Hats 004 Kids' Hats 008

Finally, the beginnings of L3’s hat:
Kids' Hats 011

His will be done in a day or two. Then pack to my Endpaper Mitts and L1’s sweater before I start the great holiday knit 2008, scheduled to begin next weekend. Happy Monday to all!

ps: Hat details on Ravelry as I don’t have time to type them all in here right now!

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The Unveiling

Remember when I said we were winners?  Well, here it is!  I’ve been wearing the Ribbon Scarf lots and loving it, along with my Soulemama hat, too.  It’s good to live in a place that gets cold so that my addiction, er hobby, can be put to good use.

Added on 10-25-08

Here is one of the other pictures we submitted. It was fun hiding L1’s knitting needles as we did the photoshoot.  He’s been working on the pattern for oh, almost two years now.  It’s very long, and it has a message in it in binary code.  I love my geeky husband.  (And I’m the one who found the binary code for him. . .)

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Baby, It’s Cold Inside

10-22 Thermastat 002

That was the thermostat reading around noon. It just wasn’t getting warmer in here today through passive solar heat because it’s the second cloudy day in a row. So I did it–I turned the heat on a few minutes ago, changed the air filter in the furnace and reminded L4 of the beauty of sitting in front of the air vents. Part of me is bummed that we didn’t make it until November 1st like we were trying, but who knows?  Maybe we’ll be able to turn it off again if the weather gets a little warmer.  All of the cold parts of me, like my hands?  They’re applauding the little flick of the switch.

***The Next Day***

The heat is off again.  When it was on yesterday I felt decadent because I felt hot at one point.  The thermostat read 61 this morning when I looked and L1 had already turned it off.  I had to turn it on quickly to reset the temperatures a little lower than last year for our “Freeze Your Buns Challenge,” but then turned it off again.  It’s supposed to be sunny today and tomorrow, so I’m hopeful that will help keep things feeling decent.  And right now?  I’m warm enough to take my sweater off!

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I’ve been wondering when it would begin, the replacement of street clothes with pajamas. This semester I have all freshman, and I teach in that late afternoon/early evening. I thought, “maybe I won’t see them this semester.” But today I noticed the first student in PJ bottoms, not just sweats. She was wearing them with flip flops (note: it barely hit 60 degrees F here today!) and sitting in the front row. I wonder how long it will be before more are wearing the same college uniform (men and women alike!) and looking like they just woke up? At least they have good attendance and are really active in class (sometimes too much, what a bunch of chatterboxes they are!).

Oh–I almost broke the clock in my classroom tonight, too! Fun times in Dr. L’s class, fun times. Doncha all wish you were there?

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