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Why?  Because this is what happens:

December Days 092

Poor Jasper had to have three veins tied together in emergency surgery late this afternoon. The poor boy can’t play or run in the snow or anything for the next seven days.  It’s going to be so hard for him because he LOVES the snow and playing–though we don’t yet know how sore he’ll be after the surgery drugs wear off.  He’ll be on medication for the next week, too, and can only go in shoveled areas, on a leash with little plastic booties over his feet.

To top it all off, he is supposed to go to the kennel starting on Saturday when we leave for holiday visits.  I’m feeling majorly guilty about that, even though the vet said it would probably be best for him in terms of recovery.

And how did he encounter a snowboard?  L1 and L3 were playing with sleds and snowboards at a neighbors house.  As L1 was boarding, Jasper ran along side him happily, then suddenly cut L1 off as he was zooming down the hill.  The result? Bloody snow, then J jumped back up, continued to run down the hill and then play with the neighbors’ dog until L1 made him sit so he could see what had happened.  Oh, J, do you love your playing so much that you feel no pain?  He is truly a pitiful sight now.


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We have light.  This morning we celebrated this turn of the seasons.  Into our cold weather clothes went our pj’d selves, plowing through snow deep past L1’s knees, hot chocolate in hand, to the tree house.  After shoveling it out a bit for us to fit, we stood atop watching the world of snow and softness in the grey morning light.  This year there was no glorious burst of color over the horizon, but a subtle shift in light, with snow falling softly all around us.  We drank hot chocolate, we sang, we watched Jasper run and leap through the snow in delirious doggy bliss.  I watched my babes’ faces in the cold air as another season of light began.


We rounded off our celebration this morning with some orange-honey-oatmeal muffins and a viewing of “The Story of Stuff” before the kids dug into their pile of Solstice gifts. I love the excitement of their faces and the joy in their eyes as they discover something new for their creative little spirits with which to work. And me? I’m looking forward to more evenings like this one I recently experienced:


It was silent and the air was thick with the essence of home–a moment to remember.

Wishing you and yours the same as we turn once again toward the light. Happy Winter to All!

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“Three” by Gaia Consort

One – strong at the core of my being I stand
One – dreaming of someone who knows,
who might understand that

Every touch our grace is multiplied
Every kiss our souls are opened wide
Every moment is precious and sanctified

Two – joyous and trembling I celebrate you
Two – boundless and teeming there’s no end to what we can do when

Every touch our grace is multiplied
Every kiss our souls are opened wide
Every moment is precious and sanctified

And our time is filling like cups of honey wine
Sweeter the water, the deeper the well
Life is spilling out all over
We’re spilling out over ourselves

Happy Birthday, L1.   Today we celebrate you.  I’m thankful to have the best partner for me, one who is willing to try all of my plans and “challenges,” who finds patience in play, makes our family just a little more adventurous, and works so hard in his job and to live a life in alignment with our core values.  I love you.

NH Beach karate

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The Green Goes On

Last week I picked some of the last harvest from my garden.  The brussel sprouts were eaten before I could photograph them, though more are still waiting in the snow.  The carrots will go into tonight’s dinner.  Here they are, waiting for me to dice them up for some tasty Samosa Stuffed Baked Potatoes:

December Days 048

It’s a little bittersweet, pulling up the last bits of harvest. At the same time, I know that in about a month I’ll be ordering my new seeds and planning out the growing schedule for the 2009 garden. That makes me smile. In the meantime, I am entranced by our “christmas cactus” as it prepares to shower us in all its flowering glory.

Look at these buds:
December Days 049

And here are some close-up shots of it:
December Days 057 December Days 060

The plant was originally my mother’s. We had it for several years and it just sat there, being green. Then the spring that L4 was born, it bloomed! It’s been blooming each year since, but I still feel wonder when I notice the buds beginning. How glad I am that there are such things in the snow and cold. It all reminds me of a book of L3’s,When the Wind Stops, in which the story looks at the idea that things don’t end, they just begin as something different.  With each change of the seasons I am reminded of this.

How about you–what little things are showing you the wonder of endings and beginnings right now?

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Everyday I get closer to have a list in which all the “to-dos” are crossed off.  Of course, it seems that I frequently want to add more to that list on a daily basis, too!  Anyone else have that creep up on them during the holidays?  🙂

Handmade Holidays 1 Mosaic

The top row shows some of the kiddo pajamas I’ve been sewing. The black monster pair is for my boy, the blue pair is from a thrifted pillowcase for L4 (thanks so much for the thrifting tour, Kim!!), and the green with the vintage cars is for one of my nephews. No pattern for the boys’ pairs, just followed the outline of a pair of L3’s current pjs, making his new ones a bit bigger, and those for my nephew a bit smaller. L4’s are the same pattern as her cold weather cords. And I plan on finishing up a matching pair for myself like these here by the end of the week.

The second row is a Crayon Wallet from JC Handmade’s tutorial in her etsy shop and the Pencil Roll from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, made for 12 rather than 24 colored pencils.  Another nephew, different from the above mentioned one, is getting an art kit from us, complete with Ed Emberley drawing books, a drawing book from Stubby Pencil Studios, and a pad of sketching paper.

And now I need to get back to finishing up an order for my shop and getting myself to the post office.  Here’s to a productive day!

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In a few moments here and there I’ve been working on the first project for Mama to Mama.  Each of us in the L house has contributed a clothing object to be repurposed into these infant caps:

    December Days 037

  • The stripey caps come from one of the last things my mom bought for L1 before she died.  It was a great shirt that has been wonderful for over 10 years, but was a bit worn out from its frequent wearing.
  • The plain puddy colored hats are from a skirt that I wore for a campus interview I had a long time ago in a universe far, far away (as in I was still in graduate school!).  I loved the school and the community would have been fantastic to live in, but things worked out a different way.
  • The tye-dyed hat is from L3.  He’s had the shirt for several years now and did NOT want to give it up despite the fact that it has been too short on his torso for awhile.  After we read about the project together, I convinced him it would be a great way to recycle it.  Since he’s all about the recycling, he obliged.
  • Finally, the dark blue hat with the flowers came from a nightgown L4 had as a 1-year-old.  She was excited to see it in a different form.

Many hands helped make the little hats.  L4 and Lauren, Kerry’s daughter, helped trace and cut out two of the hats.  L3 traced and cut the hat from his shirt, and I sewed them all.  I hope they all bring health and wellness to the babies who receive them, as well as a sense that there are people out there who care to their mothers.  This is probably going to be our major act of “charity” (can’t think of a better word right now) for this holiday season.  We usually do toys or other gifts for various organizations, but I don’t think we’ll be able to this year. Having the time and skills to donate to this cause is a blessing.

What are you all doing to help others this holiday season (and beyond)?

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Give-Away Winner!

The winner is #54, Chancy of Created by Chancy.  Here is her sachet (pre-stuffing!), created with her color combination request:

Give-Away 2008 Prize

Thanks, everyone else, for playing along.  It was such fun to read the variety of things for which people are excited.  The shop feedback was also helpful.  And to show my appreciation for everyone that participated in Give-Away Day, I’ll be offering a 10% discount off everything in the shop between now and Friday, December 19th.

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