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As I was going through my yoga practice this afternoon, L4 became very excited about it when I was in a pose she hadn’t seen before.  She started asking, “Can I do that pose, too?”  I paused my practice to work with her little self.  When I resumed after helping her, she began to show me all sorts of “kid yoga.”  So cute.  And she almost let me do savasana uninterrupted.  🙂  When I finished she asked to borrow my eye pillow so that she, “could do that pose, too!”  The sweet thing about all of this was that my intention for my practice was finding harmony.  I think L4 led me there.

L4 Savasana


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Baby Maple Seedlings

Every year they pop up through the ground, tender and green, but strong.  And every year I mercilessly rip them out, roots and all, before they grow too large.  They root everywhere!  Not just in the gardens, but ALL OVER the lawn, in pots, between the cracks on our stone pathways.  Even though the emergence of the maple seedlings signals a several-week long expedition of squatting to remove them, I welcome the unfurling of their little green cotyledon.  It’s just one more sign that spring is truly here.

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Or L1, really.  Not because I’m all nastaulgic about that time, but because it would mean that my house was clean.  Someone is stopping by to pick up L4 today, and when she said so yesterday, it threw me into a bit of a panic.  Her house is pristine.  Mine is not.  There are always other things to do (bake bread, knit, sew, read, play with kids, grade, work on powerpoints, eat…) that cleaning just falls by the wayside.  Couple that with the fact that I am a single-mom this week because L1 is chaperoning the 7th grade trip to Washington DC and even less cleaning is getting done because there is only one of us here.  Sweeping is the one thing I do on a regular basis or I would be buried by fur and dirt with the hardwood floors naught to be seen.  A lot of the “unclean” is really kid-clutter, and our general clutter, too.  Just don’t know where to put things.   *sigh*

Typical view of our floor

Now comes my dilemma. I love to have people over to visit.  I like to sit and chat, or show projects we’re all working on from sewing to the garden, and I like to share my home.  But at the same time, when I have visitors it sends me into a panic mode because I don’t want my house to be slovenly for them.  I daydream about friends just stopping by unannounced for a visit.  The idea is so appealing because it speaks to the fact that they’re comfortable coming here.  But I know that most of the time, our home is NOT fit for company.  I know, I know, if they loved me they wouldn’t care. . .  but I do care.  I just can’t seem to get over it.  But apparently not enough to make big changes.

So dear reader, if you are one who has never been to my home, now you know why.  I probably am aching to invite you, to share a meal or a tasty treat with you.  But my home is generally a big mess, and I have a big dog who loves people more than they tend to love him.  If you’re willing to overlook all of that, well then, my door is open, come pay a call.

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The scene:  I had just put more wood on the fire and was about to sit down to lunch with L4 when from upstairs I here my sick little L3 shout out, ‘Mama, there’s a fire!”  I said, ‘Yeah?”  I was thinking yes, we have a fire going.  He continued with, “Mama, there’s a fire in our backyard!!!”  Okay. . .  I’m thinking maybe the electrical pole in the corner of our property is on fire again as it was this past winter.  It would be weird because the utility company replaced everything, but not impossible.  I look out the window. (more…)

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It Figures

After a week of spring-like weather, this is what our first day of spring looks like:

Welcome Spring


Happy Vernal Equinox, everyone!

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Saturday I planted a multitude of seeds.  Tuesday evening I noticed the heads of some of my broccoli peeping through the soil.  Yesterday morning they had emerged through the soil completely and I literally watched them grow throughout the day.  And here they are this morning:

Broccoli seedlings, 2009
The light is a bit off because I didn’t want to turn the lights off on the seedlings just to get a picture. Oh how I love to watch everything grow! My onions are just about reading for a trimming, other seedlings are emerging and the outside world is in its ugly-early-spring-but-just-you-wait mode. I need to get to work cleaning out the rest of the beds and getting new (yes, new!!) beds ready for spring planting. *happy sigh*

First snow iris of 2009

Anyone else out there watching little wonders grow everyday?

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Lunch al fresco

What a wonderful way to spend our lunch–out of doors! L4 was so excited that she didn’t want to sit down, but kept playing and building things instead of eating! After lunch she continued on and I knitted in the sunshine. L4 crept around staring at the green and color popping up out of the ground. She kept saying, “What’s this? Who planted these?” 🙂 And, “take a picture!” I did, thought it was yesterday.

Crocus Delight

Aren’t they lovely?

What signs of spring are you finding?

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