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Stacked Coins Finale

Last fall it started as this:

Fall Projects 005

And it evolved into this over the winter:

Stacked Coins await Piecing
Ready for Quilting

To become this:
Close-up Stacked Coins

Completed Stacked Coins

Now it’s on my bed, complete with fur.


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RAK Pyrex

Last week I wrote about my pyrex nostalgia.  I can tell you that the sunny yellow bowl has been used multiple times in it short sojourn in my home.  Over the weekend more bowls were nested into the cabinet with it.  Kerry gifted me a lovely set of three nesting bowls–her random act of kindness to me.  They are lovely and have been put to use, some the very day they entered our home to make a blueberry banana cake (it’s a Soulemama recipe for those interested–tasty, but not overly sweet).  Thank you, Kerry!

RAK Bowls

RAK Bowls in use

Now I just have to make some sort of salad in one of the bowls. There is sorrel in the big garden waiting to be picked, chives in the herb garden, dried apples from last fall inside. . . Oh–I like how this is getting to me to think about the food I have from my own yard waiting to be used. How about you– Are there any tasties in season in your area? Or do you have some stored food from last harvest waiting to be used?

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Arbor Day Weekend

We celebrated Arbor Day the weekend. Starting Friday we finally picked up L4’s birthday tree. L3 received an apple tree for his 4th birthday, so we promised L4 a fruit tree for her 4th birthday as well. It had to wait for the weather to be a bit warmer here. On NYS’s Arbor Day the temperatures were lovely and we took L4 out to get her tree. She choose the one that came home with us by hugging it, saying, “This is the one!” 🙂

Saturday the tree was planted and we spent most of the day outside (so says my sunburned shoulders–drat forgetting to apply the sunscreen we just got for the season!) cleaning out garden beds and the yard in a very unplanned manner, including a lunch reprieve in the treehouse, complete with a ziplining finish.

Sunday we headed back out to purchase more fruit trees–L1 is dreaming of all that he’ll be able to eat someday.  Our yard now includes: 3 apples trees, 2 plum trees, 4 cherry trees, 2 pear trees, 1 serviceberry, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and a loganberry.  We, of course, won’t be harvesting fruit from all of those for quite awhile, but even thinking about the potential of walking out the door into our own farmer’s market in the future brings about a warm glow.

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Poetry in Flowers

blue enhanced

Slowly they emerge
Bringing color promises
Warm days are to come

hyacinth enhanced

These photos inspired me to haiku this morning. We have a lovely children’s book called Haiku Hike that was written by 4th graders after they learned about haiku poetry.  Spring bulbs are just like poetry, lovely and elusive, bringing sweet joy in their wake.  We’ve been enjoying the rediscovery of all the spring bulbs around our yard.  It is a rite of spring of which the children and I never seem to tire.  And I love when L1 says to me, “We need to plant more flowers, we need more color.”  Have I ever told you how blessed I feel to have this man for my partner?  🙂

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Front of Bed Pal

How many of you out there are excited about all of the “green” and “eco-friendly” we see mainstreamed today?  Anybody have any negative feelings about it? Sometimes I do. . . (more…)

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Are there any kitchen implements that take you back to your childhood?   For me , it was this lovely Cinderella-style pyrex bowl, bright red (like the bottom one here and I think she actually had the rest of that set, too), that my mother used for salads of all sorts when I was growing up.  It was nested in a hodge-podge of other bowls in a lower cabinet.  Recently I have begun searching for this style of bowl to add to our kitchen.  While not exactly what I had in mind, I found one at GoodWill for 50% off and brought it home.  After a scrub down its first job in its new home was to cradle some delectable grapes from the public market.

pyrex nastalgia

Someday soon it will be used to mix a delectable dessert instead.  Who knows, maybe this summer I’ll use it to hold a salad of some sort, too.  Then I’ll smile and think back to yester-years.

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I heard about Freecycle on the Greencraft board on Ravelry awhile ago.  Have you all heard of it?  Any stories to share about Freecycle?  I signed up, was amazed at all the offers and wanted posts, and even gave something to a wanted post over the winter.  Today I picked these up from an offer post:

Chair Mosaic

There are four altogether, and now we will be able to accommodate more than for people at our table for meals and the extra people won’t be relegated to step-stools, folding chairs, or the piano bench (though I quite like sitting on the piano bench.   If only I could play it–but that’s another story!).  The chairs need some TLC in both structural and cosmetic form.  I can’t decide if I want to paint the chairs or make cushions for them or paint them and make cushions for them.  Of course, there’s the added bonus of finding out where they will be placed, too, when not in use.  But I’m confident that it will all come together at some point.

Meanwhile, I have a powerpoint to finish revising for class this afternoon as well as grading, bodies that need to be out in the sunshine (J, L4, and myself), and I really should wear something besides my yoga clothes for work, too.

Wishing you all a lovely, sunny April afternoon.  Viva recycling!

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