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Why?  Because apparently I look like the first two in the dress I worked on yesterday which makes me feel the third.  But here it is, on me, for you all to see, and maybe give a little feedback.

Not quite right 1

Hmmm, not too bad, right?

Not quite right 2

Hey wait–she just said she’s not pregnant!

Not quite right 3

Look at all that extra fabric floating around the midline.

Not quite right 4

Where’s my bu*t?

Not quite right 5

Come here, Jasper. What, you can’t see me as I hide in my personal tent?!?

I think I have figured out what the dress needs– waist shaping.  I was planning on wearing it out to dinner tomorrow night, but that might not happen if I don’t have it “fixed” in time.  I’ve left the dress unhemmed so that I can modify the sides without having to worry about the bottom.  And if all else fails I make it into something else.  Goodness knows that skirt has enough fabric in it!


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Picnic Quilt Top

Like this, our new Picnic Quilt. It is constructed entirely of vintage, thrifted sheets. Some of those sheets have been used in multiple projects. Some were waiting for this project to finally happen. There were several designs for it in my sketchbook before I even began to cut. Sadly it is difficult to see some of it in the pictures, but there are two large (20″ x 20″) log cabin squares on the outside middle strip.

Picnic Quilt Pocket

After it was all pieced I had to decide how to “quilt” it–yarn ties, simple lines, stippling. . . and in the end the stippling won out.

Picnic Quilt Stippling

So even though this quilt it destined to be covered in sand, ocean water, and who knows what else in just a few more days, I spent hours quilting it. Why? Because it made me happy, and still does. I figure this is going to be in use by my family for years, so it was worth it in the end. Perhaps we’ll use it for the first time in celebration of the first harvest holiday this Saturday. Perfect symbolism for our family–reaping the effects of our intent, to live through consuming less, being in the world more. And with that note, I should get off this computer!

Picnic Quilt Folded

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A Little Pick-Me-Up

I’m currently working on this knitting project and I want it to be done:

Leg 1 complete!

It’s not that I don’t like the project, it’s just there are other things I’d like to be working on instead. But I am determined to have them done for our upcoming family vacation. And so I plod along on them. Meanwhile, I’ve been itching to just have something finished.  And so I decided to make myself another Built By Wendy shirt (check out my short hair in that picture!). I think the fabric might have been purchased with L4 in mind, but now it’s mine.  I didn’t manage to get any really decent shots of it this morning, though I had fun in the trying, remote shutter release and all.

Another BBW

It will do just fine. With the way summer is going I’ll be wearing it sometime soon, probably with the denim skirt I found at GoodWill. 🙂

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This morning I was invited to attend a yoga class at the first studio I went to in college.  It was a blissful experience wrapped up in the sweet nostalgia of the heady days of learning so. much. about the world around me (and thinking I knew so much, too!) and the security of the love I had found with L1.  The theme woven throughout this morning’s class was finding the wonder in the world around as well as in ourselves.  Some minutes this feels so easy–especially when all I have to do is look out into such a green, lush world outside my window.  But other times I’m so caught up in the to-dos of daily life, the angst of children with their own minds, and worrying about the minutae of my little world that I can’t see anything beautiful or awe-inspiring.  I’ve been feeling a whole lot of the latter of late and so this morning’s class was such a sweet reminder.  I saw just how beautiful I find my toes to be.  And I came home ready to embrace the independent spirits of my children with a little more patience and a little more wonder.  The wild flowers from their bike ride while I was gone, the stories they had to share about what had happened during my absence were all things I could appreciate because of the mindfulness I was remembering to practice.  Even looking at photographs I saw yesterday (and witnessed!) are new this afternoon.  Even as I feel as though summer is slipping through my fingers, perhaps all that I really need to do, rather than jamming more into the last few weeks, is to acknowledge and live in what is here, now.

How about you-what wonders have you found anew in your life lately?

crop circles

l4 swinging

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About two years ago I saw a picture of Amanda Blake Soule with pigtail braids and poof–I was ready to grow my hair out again.  I had to be able to wear those braids again–the ones I had worn in high school, and a bit in college, and in graduate school, and the day before I was married. . .  So I went from very short hair (that I wore for about a year, this taken 3 years ago):


to this:
Braids Down Low

A friend asked me this past weekend if I ever thought there would be a time when I’d be too old for the braids and I said no.   I love seeing older women with gray and silver and white hair with braids piled high.  Does this mean that I will leave my hair long forever more?  Probably not.  I cycle through, intermittently desiring long or short locks.  I think I’m still digging my longer hair right now, especially since I have only recently been able to actually put it in braids.  But this seemingly silly topic has had me thinking about what creates our tastes, why do I like my braids so much?  The giddiness that results from pigtail braids seems to be tied up in my love of trees and tree images, the smell of soil after the rain, flowing clothing and other simple pleasures.  Do I like them for their ease of wear or their look?  Does it matter?  Ah, the topics that float through my mind on an overcast summer morn.

If you, too, like braids you should check out the flickr group dedicated to them, Braid Wednesday.

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L3 & Bridesmaids

and I get to share it!  Almost ten years ago L1 and I were married.  To celebrate, I’m going to spend the weekend with my bridesmaids and other loved women in my life.  Soon now, they’ll start arriving. L1 is a little bummed he’s not going to be hanging out with all of us, too.  He and I will have our own celebration in a couple of weeks.

L1 & Bridesmaids

He and the kids are off on their own weekend adventures. I hope you all have your own, as well!

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Have you ever just watched little ones be in their bodies?  I love to see the shear, unencumbered joy of it.  They live in their bodies, in the  moment so naturally.  I’ll admit it–I’m jealous.  To have such confidence and unselfconsciousness in one’s body–it’s something I strive for, but. . .  let’s just say it is a lifetime journey.  But my babes are wonderful teachers.  Moment ago L4 called me into her room saying, “Mama, you have to come see me valance!”  (If she concentrates she can say balance correctly, but most of the time she just doesn’t care.)  This is what I saw:

Look at Me Mosaic

That’s my four-year-old, balancing on the chair rail in her bedroom.  The images have me floating on a cloud of happy.

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