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Don’t Get Cocky, Kid

I take my knitting everywhere and not just my plain stockinette stitch projects–cables, lace, projects on DPNs. . . you get the picture.  One of the projects I’m currently working on is Pembroke by Kirsten Kapur for L3.  Cable goodness for my boy, I thought it would be appropriate to work on it during his karate class.  I happily knitted along, watching all the younglings work on basic form and their kata, admiring the concentration so many were demonstrating (it was a “test” day).  I should have been paying attention to my cabling.  I finished one last row and as I looked down, I gasped inwardly (didn’t want to disturb the testing) to see this:

Cable Mistake closeup

Half the cables twisted the wrong way–four rows down!!  Now there are some knitting mistakes that can be overlooked, that aren’t noticeable.  This one wasn’t one of them.  Arg–I did NOT want to rip out four rows, including cables.  Then I remembered Patti having a similar cabling mishap and describing how she ripped out only the section that needed to be fixed.  (The final product, btw, was beautiful.)  And so, after all the evening running around and dinner I sat down to rip out the four cables that were twisted the wrong way.  Here is what it looked like:

the fix 1
the fix 2
the fix 3
the fix 4
the fix 5
the fix 6
the fix 7

After watching me L1 said he would have just ripped the rows back.  But it was really satisfying to do and now that it is all done, I can sigh with relief and hope that I still might have this finished for school pictures on October 13th.  I’m sure I’ll let you all know!
Cable Fixed


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Yogic Inspiration

Bringing my yoga practice into my life, beyond my mat, is important to me.  It’s been almost two years since I started practicing the Anusara-style of hatha yoga and I love it each time my body meets my mat. (Thank you, Amy, for being such a wonderful teacher!)  But what I love even more are the lessons I learn on my mat become reminders for living.  For awhile now I’ve been writing and sketching about them in my sketch/idea/inspiration book.  As summer ended I finally worked up the courage to take those sketches beyond my trust-worthy book.

be presentwm

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the process.  I’ve never thought of myself as artist in any way.  My brother is the artist, not me.  But somehow, when I had the paints and papers and brushes and other mediums surrounding me, it didn’t matter.  I wasn’t in an art class where I had always been worried about getting a good grade with my less-than-stellar work.  This was for me and I was able to experiment and learn and be happy–and be present.

shine outwm

It’s also taken me another burst of courage to share the pieces here.  Any time we put anything out into the world that we have created and loved, its scary.  It’s unknown.  But as this turn of the Wheel draws toward an end and a new beginning, sharing felt right.

move with wobbleswm

The last one is probably my favorite. I love balance poses, but I have also loved learning to play in them and to enjoy them and to be fine with falling. It’s been a hard lesson for me because I don’t play so much and feel such a stigma from my self-perceived failure in my “professional life.”  Learning that falling does not mean failure, well, it’s still a work in progress.  I must be patient. . . and present.

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Skirt Dress 2
Skirt Dress 1

And when I get to make things for that little face, how could I not? Really and truly, I love the patterns/clothes in these books.  I’ve learned so much from following patterns where I couldn’t read the directions.  I feel much more comfortable in my knowledge of how garments are constructed and how to make things without a pattern (though I don’t do that often) because of using these books. I’m sad I wasn’t sewing when L3 was younger so that I could have made so many of his garments, too. Alas, there’s not so much in the bigger boy (but not so much bigger) category for patterns.  So L4 gets the lion’s share of the sewing these days as sewing for L3 consists of making things like parachutes for lego creatures.

Skirt Dress 3

The most recent creation comes from this book.  I’ve made two other patterns from this book, which isn’t even mine (Kerry, when are you going to want this back to make something for LAB?!?).  And then there are all the other patterns from other books. . .  they have been a bit addicting for me.  Or maybe it’s how happy she is to have what I’ve made, or how much I love to see her wearing the things I’ve made.  Whatever it is, there’s bliss to be had and I’m happy to follow it.

Skirt Dress 4

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We have various seasonal rituals throughout the year.  This morning our growing season teapot went back to the cabinet and in its place came the teapot for the dark half of the year.  This has been a bi-annual ritual for ten years now.  Why two teapots?  I inherited my mother’s teapot when she died.  Then I was gifted with a second teapot at my bridal shower.  In an effort to use them both I created this ritual for them.  The newer teapot has leaves on it, so it became the one used growing season. I have no pictures to show of the teapots–I didn’t feel like taking any, so sorry about the photograph-less post.

Do you have anything you do in your lives to mark the beginning of fall?

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We’re still happy with the chairs with which we were graced from Freecycle.  They’re practical and have been put to good use since they came into our home.  Now we’ve added something a bit more fun and a wee bit frivolous: a vintage typewriter.

It has its own suitcase!

It came in a suitcase and is sitting on a freecycle chair!

Vintage Smith Corona Galaxie

We have had such fun, all of us, with it. L1 had something similar as a child and I have vague memories of playing with one at my grandparents’ home (do you remember this, Kim?). The “power space” key is a big favorite with both kids. The ink is very faint that is left on the tape. I should research replacing it, but haven’t yet. I’ve been pleasantly busy with work of various kinds, including family “stuff.” Anyone out there have any tidbits about replacing typewriter tape?

Galaxie Innards

I love its suitcase, the sound of the keys as they are pressed, the look of its innards. I do hope we are able to find a way to make the ink work better. L4 has been having a ball typing letters to people on it–and it has been a great teaching opportunity, too. L4 now knows how to use the shift key on the typewriter and the computer to make capital letters.

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Food, tents, garden delights, visits with family, and knitting–a full lovely weekend had we!

Heading toward Fall Food Mosaic

Weekend Doings Mosaic

What did you do this past weekend?

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Bringing a Daydream into the Light

Several weeks ago I mentioned a daydream I have, a whisper if you will.  I’ve been working behind the scenes, quietly, on helping this daydream blossom.  In fact, I went so far as to order some organic cotton jersey knit fabric.  Here is a peek for you:

Shirring Fabrics

I’m still waiting for a dark brown and navy blue, which are on back-order.   As part of my research I have a little survey for you.  I’m trying to decide how to stock/make the shirring shirt.  I’ve considered just making some and putting them up for sale, only taking custom orders, and most recently making a couple, but in general having things be custom order for particular sizes.  And that’s where the little survey I have comes into play:

Basically I’d like to see if someone ordered a shirt if I could offer predesignated sizes, yet still make the shirt for them. Make sense? (Thanks, Amy, for the idea!) If you have any other comments, questions, or suggestions please do leave a message!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate the words of support I received both in comments and in messages.  It meant the world to me.

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