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Clutter-Cleared Fabric Shelves

As part of my intention for this project in 2010, I thought I’d share another picture of my work space.  Too bad I didn’t get pictures of these shelves before they were cleaned and all was folded anew.  Decluttering and organizing my sewing niche has allowed me to be able to breath deeply again when I work in it, and even when I simply walk past. I’ve noticed that the messier things get around our home, the more constricted I feel, and the more I just want to go hide in a corner and knit. As I’ve thought about this the past few days, the words of my yoga teacher (and friend!) would come to mind.  She has been talking about the principles of Anusara as a theme for our current session, one of which is opening to grace (there’s that word again!).  One way to do so, she has explained, is to find spaciousness.  Off my mat, I think this spaciousness is literal–in reducing the clutter.

What happens for you when things are cluttered or messy?  Can you feel a difference in your being when the clutter is cleared?


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Sewing Procrastination

Button Jars

I spent many hours over the past few days cleaning out and reorganizing my sewing area. It was in dire need of an overhaul (fabric falling from shelves, projects piled around my machines, other people’s things left on my desk…). In doing so I made room to finish multiple projects that have been languishing for months, or in one case, over a year. For some sewing, time just doesn’t matter. When it comes to making clothing for a growing preschooler, well, waiting for over a year to finish a project just isn’t good sense.

Plaid Shirt Dress

The dress was a bit short–I couldn’t even do a normal hem, but had to do a rolled hem. Same for the sleeves. Drat! However, it still fit her enough to wear yesterday. Of course, she managed to get toothpaste all over the front of it before I took pictures. Then, in the afternoon, my talented girl laid on my banana (admittedly in it’s peel on the couch next to me) and got smeared banana all over the back of the dress. The poor article of clothing was put through its paces on its first day in the world.

Plaid Shirt Dress 2

It’s done now. And will be more of a tunic after this. That is, if all the stains come out  in the wash.

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That sums up part of our weekend.  And now we have rain.  We’re so looking forward to the snow in our forecast.  But on Saturday we savored the sun and were out in the yard getting some good work done before the ground became too mucky (because picking up Jasper’s dooky when its frozen is way better than when it is sun-softened.  ‘Nuff said.)  After moving a bunch of wood into our porch L1 and I cracked open the coldframe for the first time in a couple of months.

Opening the Coldframe

I was so happy with all that was nestled within.

Coldframe Closeup in January

The red salad bowl and the black seeded simpson lettuces were going strong, the little broccoli plants looked like they had faired the frigid temperature well, and the wee carrot seedlings looked like they were still alive. And the random red and green leafed plant is doing well, too. Anyone know what it is?!?

Lots of green

I’ll have to start picking the lettuce soon before I forget about it and the coldframe is buried in snow again. And it’s time to start planning for this year’s garden…. I have a date with my spreadsheet, catalogs, and garden map this week.

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Learning Curve

I won. It might have taken two months, but I won. The serger and I were having disagreements about whether or not it could actually do a rolled hem on the organic cotton knit fabric which I had fashioned into a shirt for my shop. In November I was practically in tears over it. Today I felt triumphant.

I did it!

I’m deciding whether or not it’s “good enough” to be put in my shop. If so, then I’ll need someone to model it for a photoshoot, edit all the photos and list it.  That might be my least favorite part. (Today Kerry modeled for me in the few minutes I had before my “work time” was up and I had to get L4 from school.)

On a Body 1

I’ll be working on cutting out other sizes and colors in the next few weeks.

On a Body 2

I’m nervous, like when I shared my first paintings. But. . .

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” –anonymous

“Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” –Mark Twain

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I’ll Take It

Stylish Dress Book View G

Linen + a Japanese pattern from Stylish Dresses and I think I have a keeper. It might look a bit frumpy on (it is linen, after all!) but it is uber-comfie. There are mismatched buttons on it–very out of my comfort zone. I felt very bohemian teaching in it today, including my Docs and jeans.  But I think the end effect is harmonious and I’m happy with it, uneven buttonholes and all.  And, as usual, it was a learning experience. Love that, too.

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It was the second class of the semester.  Students were working in small groups, creating little studies on various social psychological concepts.  I was visiting each group, learning names and answering questions.  And then, as I did or said something a student who I’ve had before exclaimed, “I’ve missed you!”  Really now, how could that not be a moment of bliss?

While working with another group a few minutes later I commented to one student about how much my son would love his hair (it was a mohawk).  After this he and another man seated near by started comparing  the hair products they used.  Then we got into a discussion of what they could do with my hair, spike-wise, with enough and the right kind of product.  That was just plain fun.

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Better Days

LR Scramble

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of something to write in celebration of Dr. King’s birthday.  All I can say that I’m thankful for the repercussions his life has had.  As we sit cozy in our home today I hope we’ll remember why it is we’re here.

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