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February Doll for Olive 3

Knitting friends, have you seen the most recent issue of Petite Purls? It’s full of some great articles and a wide range of patterns from clothing to whimsy. I chose to knit the February Doll Sweater by Brandy Fortune for L4’s doll Olive (from the Wee Wonderfuls Make-Along patterns).

February Doll for Olive 1

Often Olive sits and watches over L4’s bed, along with her friend, Rowan. But when she put on her new sweater suddenly she was tagging along with L4 all over the house for all manner of activities. And then we showed L3 Olive’s new sweater and the fun began. He pulled out Archie and then the two were creating houses and beds for all the stuffed animals in their rooms, capes and masks for Archie, Olive, & Rowan, and they were having fantastic adventures together.

February Doll for Olive 2

Then, while Olive and company had some rest, L3 & L4 took to the outdoors in the cold and wind to have more adventures together. There was digging and sorting through the dirt, a fairy house, and a shelter of their own.

Digging in the Dirt

Examining the Dirt

L4's Fairy House

These are the moments I want to savor and for them to remember.  Because, of course, life isn’t always so idyllic between these siblings.

Under Their Shelter

Squabbling and name-calling, not sharing. . .  if you have a sibling, I’m sure you’ve experienced the like of this at least once with that person.  While I try to steer away from thinking it’s inevitable, I do try to understand that it is natural for them not to always get along. All of this thanks to my knitting. One more reason that sticks and fiber are a necessity in our home. 🙂


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Yesterday was one of those days that just started out in a grumpy way.  Up way too early (3am) to drop L1 off on his chaperoning trip to DC, only to hear from him a few hours later that he was ill, a pile of grading to finish up that I was just not interested in when worrying about L1, a tight schedule for the afternoon with the kids. . .  the list could go on, but it won’t. I realized that I was letting myself sink into a place beyond grumpy and I didn’t want it.  I looked up from my grading at this painting and found solace and purpose beyond my foul mood.  And so I began to collect my pieces of happy: the sun was shining for the first time in days, my grading was getting done, it was going to be a fun class for work, L4 was showing me the books she was writing.  I topped it off by fixing a sweater I knit last spring (notes here) and then wore it with a skirt and boots.

A piece of happySorry it’s so blurry!

All of this didn’t lessen my worry over L1 or getting everything done, but it did help me find a balance, some harmony (!!) for the day.What do you do when your day goes from bad to worse?  How do you cope with the less than lovely day-to-day that creeps in?

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The spring equinox has arrived and now we’re turning toward the light. Today has been full of so many different activities, from seed planting, to a karate tournament, to a yoga workshop, to listing my shirts in the shop at last. I am so excited about the harmony of all these different activities. We follow the seasons and the journeys in our lives. I hope you, too, found ways to celebrate the equinox today.

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You know that saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?”  I have been feeling that heavily the past couple of days.  After reading all of your feedback and votes for the type of picture to be used for my shop shirts I went to work photographing them and being photographed in them.  Sadly the world is not lush and green here right now as it was when I made the prototype last summer.  And so I’m waffling about the pictures.  More need to be taken.  L1 and I are thinking about heading down to Lake Ontario for the backdrop.  We’ll see.  I had high hopes of listing the shirts for the spring equinox tomorrow.  It was going to be part of the way I celebrated the day.  It might still happen.  If it does, I’ll be sure to share the news here.  Meanwhile, I thought I would share some of the pictures I thought might be acceptable.  Not much editing has happened with them.  If you have a chance, I’d love some feedback.  (All I can see is how goofy I felt while the pictures were being taken!) You all have been such a great support as I’ve gone through this process and I truly appreciate that you’ve not only continued to read, but to comment as well.

Camel Shirring Small

Navy Shirring

Raisin Shirring Small

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Scooter Skirt 1

The melting snow has made clear the sidewalks. The kids have been bursting out of the house with enthusiasm for the activities that snow wouldn’t allow. L3 has been “off-roading” with his bike, both have been building bridges over all of the “lakes” in the yard, and the scooters have been out in full force.

Scooter Skirt 3

L4, in particular, is excited to scoot all over again. She has been begging for a skateboard for awhile now, and the scooter is her substitute. (Her birthday is coming soon, folks. Guess what she’s getting?) These pictures were taken while walking Jasper. It works well–Jasper can keep a fast clip, as he prefers, and I don’t have to worry about L4 lagging behind. In fact, she’s usually far ahead of us now, making J a little manic in his attempts to catch up to his girl.

Scooter Skirt 2

Not only is my girl outfitted with her new “skateboarding shoes” (complete with changed out blue laces, to replace the rejected pink laces. The rhinestones on the shoes, however, are adored.), but she now has another skirt-like implement to wear over her pants, her clothing style of choice. It was a little side knitting project to help when I wanted to throttle myself for choosing black yarn and a sweater to knit for L1. Socks are good–why didn’t I decide to make him another pair of socks?!?  The ribbon yarn was free with my purchase at my LYS‘s Superbowl Sale last month.  When I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it.  The pattern is the Ogee Lace Skirt by Gryphon Perkins.  You can find all of my notes on it here.  Even with  making it smaller, there will be years of wear with this little FO, if it doesn’t fall apart.  I’m not that impressed with the durability of ribbon yarn.  It will be loved much in the interim–it’s blue, it’s striped, and it’s skirt-like.  I love when my children are easy to please.

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Bike Shoez

Exercising is important to me. My mother died at 45 because she didn’t take well enough care of herself. The morning after she died, during my desperate crying in the shower I promised myself that I wouldn’t end up like her. I love the way my being feels when I’m physically active, and the way my clothes are more comfortable, too. 🙂

Love My Clips

Why, oh why then, knowing all of that, is it so difficult to maintain a regular schedule of physical activity–or what I feel like is enough physical activity? I have strong attitudes about this topic, I know I feel better when I engage in activity, and yet. . . sometimes knitting a few more rows wins out, or laundry, or dishes, or or or. . . you get the idea.  Even though I teach about attitude-behavior connections, even though I know all of the good outcomes, there are weeks when I simply don’t do enough.

Why unburden this on you?  First, because by finding another way to make a public commitment I increase the likelihood of sticking with the activities written in my planner.  Second, because I figured at least one of you out there feels similarly about this.  Please feel free to share your trials and tribulations, successes and roadblocks on this topic.  Commiseration is wonderful for the soul. 🙂

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Shirring Squee 1

On a Body 2

I can’t decide what type of pictures to have for my shirt for my shop. Would you be so gracious as to put a word in to help me choose? Thanks so much. 🙂

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