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Recently I realized that while I shared a link way back at the Spring Equinox, I had never shared some of the pictures for my shirts after all of the words of advice I had received from all of you!  So, in honor of May Day tomorrow, I thought it was time to share the metaphorical seeds I planted at the Equinox.  You can see the final cropped shots and listings at my shop. Thanks for sharing the process with me!

Raisin Lettuce EdgeThis is the only one I was able to make in this color, I couldn’t get more of the shade in this fabric.

Navy Lettuce EdgeThe sun was so warm on my face here!  This is my favorite color combination, but I didn’t make any in my size.  I had to pull them in the back a little to make the fit better, and then the pictures were cropped in close so it didn’t look as big in the end.

Camel Lettuce Edge

The shots of this picture were my favorites. The lake was so beautiful that afternoon and I feel like it came out in the shots with this shirt, especially.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


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This morning I had plans to share a new knitting project with you, but L4 & I had an adventure instead.  It all started with a bunch of peeping outside.  I thought to myself, “Oh, some baby birds must be getting a meal.”  But it didn’t stop.  I opened the front door and peered into the trees in search of the nest.  Nada. Then I heard it again and saw a duckling on the ground.  Soon after I glanced toward the road and was horrified. Mama duck had been struck and killed in the street, along with 3 babies.  I grabbed a box, ran outside and found the one I saw, plus three others, all peeping in terror and wandering about the yard.  I chased them most of the length of the yard (those little ones are speedy!) and finally got the box over them.  Once they were quiet, I lifted the box up and carefully put each inside.  I swear we were all a little afraid of each other, except for L4.  She was all about helping them out with no qualms whatsoever.

Ducklings 2

Ducklings 1

Ducklings 3

Our local animal control came and transported them safely to a local animal hospital. From there they will be taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center. I’m so glad L4 & I were able to save them from the same fate as the rest of their family. But oh! To have your world turned upside down so quickly and irrevocably. And oh how I scowled at every vehicle I saw speeding past my house the rest of the day.

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Find Delight

grape hyacinths abloom

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

–Kahlil Gibran

bing cherry blossom

This Earth Day, may you & Gaia find delight in each other.




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I’ll get to wear these.  For tonight, they went with me to my boy’s baseball practice and kept my feet and legs warm as the chill settled in with the setting sun.

Some Yoga Day on Feet

At his last baseball practice I was still knitting them:

Knitting in the rain

Yes, I stood and knitted in the rain. Good times. I keep forgetting to bring the camera with us, so I’ve been using my camera phone to take these.  Another someday I’ll get some proper shots of them.  Meanwhile, I get to watch L3 dance around for joy, literally, while at practice, and run fast, and be so happy in the moment of being there.  Such a good lesson for me.  It’s also nice to just watch instead of being behind the lens for a change. I do want to capture some of the moments of the boy’s first season of playing, so I’d best remember that camera.

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R.I.P. Lovely Livia

This morning my sock went from this:

Livia Pre-frogging

To this:

Livia Post-frogging

I just couldn’t stand the ugly (in my head, at least) purl ladders that had formed in the process of knitting them. After doing a quick Twitter last night to check in with knitting friends, I opted to frog the sock rather than endure my unhappiness with it. I would have never knit the second one, I think. I now have plans to knit up the yarn in a different pattern from my queue, and learn some new sock knitting techniques along the way. Then, once they are mastered (either magic loop or knitting with two circs) I will come back to this pattern and will do it justice. Maybe in a nice bold color like red, very unlike what I usually knit for myself. I’m not quitting, then, but putting myself in a time out away from the pattern until I’m ready to try it again.

Meanwhile, as a way to find some solace in the ripping that I knew was going to ensue, I finished the first of a pair of legwarmers for myself last night, for traipsing to and from yoga.

Some Yoga Day 1

This knit is bringing me joy and satisfaction: the legwarmer is nice and long and I am using yarn leftover from socks I made for L1 several years ago.  While I am a bit sad to have ripped out a year’s worth of work this morning, in the end, I’m looking forward to a new learning adventure and a rockin’ pair of socks, someday.

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Impulsive is not usually a word I would use to describe myself. Those of you that know me outside of this digital reality know that all too well. I may have many impulsive thoughts, but I don’t generally act on them. Which is a double-edged sword. There’s the whole, “Look before you leap” mentality, but there’s also “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” This is something about which I’ve been thinking a lot lately, especially as I journey through the e-course I’m taking right now, Inside Out by Shannon Kinney-Duh of Free Spirit Knits.

I went with an impulse last week–we had plenty that we were “supposed to” do that night, but instead I said to L1, “Let’s grab some sandwiches and go for a picnic.” And so we did.

On the way to dinner

Picnic SkyThe weather was beautiful & so was the world around us.
Picnic 1The picnic quilt came along for our adventure.
Picnic 2The kids explored and climbed.

Picnic 4

Picnic 5

Picnic 6We basked in the warm sunshine & the peace of the world.

Picnic 8

Now, over a week later, I’m still so glad we went.

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Swap Love

Look what I recently received in trade:

Swap LoveExcuse the crumbs, fur, and cell phone picture!

Laura of Mountain Mama put these up for swap on her blog (her sister has a set that I was ogling).  I was thrilled when my name was chosen as the swap partner.  I sent Laura some lovely Manos (check out some of what she’s made with it here).  She sent me the spoons.  Easy, peasy!  Simplest swap I’ve ever done, and I’m in love with the spoons, which have been used several times already.

So. . . a huge THANK YOU to Laura for the spoons and the blogging world for having swaps!

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