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Creek Exploring

From Soulemama: “{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.”


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I know I’ve shared before that I am an L.M. Montgomery fan.  My son is, too.  I’m a wee bit heart-broken that my daughter has thus far snubbed Anne, but I plan on working on that.  I’ve also named my newest knitting FO after a place in the Anne series, Violet Vale.  (Note: I was tickled happy that L3 recognized the name & what it was from when I shared it with him.  Love my boy!!)

Violet Vale in the Spring

Here is the pattern for the sock, which has been fun, and here is my Ravelry page for it.  I’ve learned the magic cast-on for toe-up socks and have been doing the magic loop technique, too, for the first time with a sock. I did have some problems with the pattern, which I at first thought were because I wasn’t using beads as the pattern called for.  In the end I realized (when almost done with the second sock!) that part of it was I missed something on the chart and part was a mistake in the pattern.  The cool thing?  The designer read my notes on Ravelry and wrote me about it, and also sent me a file with the errata and a really cool new chart she designed for the pattern, too. I plan on making another pair of these for my girl in the fall.  She, like her mama, wears socks as infrequently as possible in the warmer months of the year.  Despite the less-than-perfect (there’s that phrase again!) outcome with the socks, L4 loves her new socks.  What more can a knitting mama ask?

On a related happy note, L4 loves the yarn so much she asked me to make something else with the leftovers.  I have been looking at some lace edgings and swatching them out  in hopes of knitting some lace to attach to a shirt or skirt or dress for her (also to be mama-made).  I haven’t sewed clothing for her in so long, we’re planning on pouring through our patterns today and picking some ideas for a summer wardrobe, just in time for the first extended hot weather in our area.

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{this moment}

this moment 5-20

Following in the footsteps of Soulemama’s {this moment} series.

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Ever spend too much time in your own head, walking down the road of rumination?  Me too.  So today I embrace the less than perfect in myself and my life.

'Perfect' Pansies

What are you embracing today?

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Over the weekend we had our much anticipated May visit with our friends.  The Westy was a source of entertainment for all, though especially for L1 and Mr. Wench.  They worked on finishing most of the tune-up L1 & I had started before they arrived.  When it was done and the engine running we all went for a ride around the block to celebrate.  We were all grins and good spirit chugging along in the bus, listening to it’s tooting horn, getting thumbs up from a motorcyclist.  The moods were so high that L1 thought we could drive a bit further, and so we did.  Until we didn’t.  The engine overheated badly and for our air-cooled Type II engine, that’s dangerous.  We pulled the bus over to the side of the road and let it cool off.  Then, while it was cooling the menfolk came up with the plan to push it a bit toward home while it became less than molten.


LMS 2Pushing along, jokes & laughter, and high hopes for the downhill.
LMS 3Picking up speed on the downhill.
LMS 4The human engines could no longer keep up on the downhill.
LMS 5Drat, it didn’t get enough momentum to make it up the hill after the downhill.

Inkwench documented and helped push, I steered, the kids cheered us all.  At the top of the hill the bus started again, Inkwench and her mister jumped into the moving vehicle, and we chanted “green light, green light” for the trip home.  We didn’t want to stop until we were safely in the driveway.

This could have been a disaster, but it wasn’t.  Thank you, my friends, for the time, muscle, and positive energy you put into the bus and our weekend together.  We’re blessed to have you in our lives.

Dragonfly in the Sun

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Remember when I shared my word of 2009?  And the one I had chosen for 2010?  It’s interesting to me when the word comes to mind for me.  I’ve thought of it while cleaning the house, while visiting friends out of town (you, Megs!) and today.  I had a plan for the day when I went to bed last night.  I usually do because I feel this compulsion to have plans & get things accomplished, especially when I’m not “working.”  Today’s plan includes sewing up a new shirt design.  But lately, thanks to Inside Out, I’ve been working on following impulses, and not having a plan, like here:

Doodle Time

Today’s impulse?

Blue Sky ToesAnother not-so-stellar cell phone picture.

I was so happy to see blue skies when I opened my eyes this morning that I decided to paint my toenails blue, too. (I usually do a scrubbing/exfoliating and lotion before I paint, a whole routine that happens about 2 times a year, maybe.)  After painting them, the thought of harmony came to me in its connotation of balance.  I’m finding balance between my plans and lists and the impulses the beset me.  Last night it was a balance between cleaning and a walk with Jasper & L4.  And oh, is she a good teacher of following your impulses.  Check out her scootering outfit last night:


Do you have a word for 2010? What impulses have you followed of late?

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Moments ago the names from the blog anniversary give-away were finally put into a bowl (written out Saturday!).

Blog Anniversary EntriesYes, I reused some paper for them!

And the winner is:

Blog Anniversary Winner

Plain & Joyful Living! Please contact me to let me know what “prize” you’d like and your postal address.

Thank you to all who entered and shared your unknowns & names with us.  Reading the richness of your experiences was so good.  We haven’t named the bus yet–the name might reveal itself when she is running more properly than at present.  We’re anxiously awaiting the tune-up kit’s arrival in our home.

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