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Family art time.  I know, I know!  I write about knitting and sewing and many other methods of creating and yet sitting together as a family to create just is a rarity.  We all end up pursuing our own creative endeavors in our time and way, but not together.

Family Paint Time 2

I’ll admit here and now that sometimes I simply avoid it because I think of the mess that might ensue and I go into avoidance mode, thinking, “we have enough messes around here, I don’t want another one.”  But this time when I suggested painting with my babes, they both eagerly wanted to join in, each doing their own thing while I painted a couple of background pages for my journal.  It was so very good.  They were both happy and talking with each other and me about what they were doing.  It was so nice to be together like that.

Family Paint Time 1

In the end Mama didn’t have to clean up by herself, either.  Reinforcement galore!  And you know what that means?  The likelihood that we’ll engage in family art time again in the future is greater.  (I’ll have to remember this example when I teach Intro Psych this fall!)

Have you avoided something recently only to enjoy it once you finally just did it?


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We do!  Even though it wasn’t as much as we usually make, we have a lovely stock for the coming year, with fruit set aside in the freezer for various other good eats.  Plus our raspberry crop is just starting to take off, so we’ll have all of that to create good food with, and then the blueberries.  Oh–and we still have cherry picking to do!

Jam of 2010Pictured here: Strawberry Cherry, Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Blueberry, Strawberry Raspberry, and Strawberry Cherry Blueberry.

Other than the strawberries, the other fruits were still frozen from last year.  Sometimes things get lost or forgotten in the freezer.  We’re going to work to make sure that doesn’t happen again this year.  I suppose it won’t really be work, but you know what I mean, right?

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And if I could be anywhere I could be

I’d be anywhere

–“Everything’s Easy” by Girlyman

Girlyman at Vitale Park

Listening to the Music 2

Listening to the Music1

Ups and downs, round and round, let me remember the moments that open me to such gratitude for the life that I have.

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{this moment}

Just Won't Sleep 1

From Soulemama: “{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.”

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Poetry in the Kitchen

Decorating the new fridge

  • Poetry is a new refrigerator after so many days without.It is one modern convenience I am so thankful to have.
  • Poetry is all the possibility of food creation available to us once again.
  • Poetry is a clean slate on a new refrigerator.
  • Poetry is what we created on the new refrigerator last night.

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Just Add Water Mosaic

What better way to create quick comrades at play and adventure than with water? We had the chance to play in the creek and on the playground with my friend Tara and her children over the weekend. We’ve known each other since we were 12. It was really fun for me to watch our daughters play together, especially, as they’re only a few weeks apart. (Note: if you love a good laugh when you read, you should check out her blog.  She’s witty in a great tongue and cheek manner.  So glad she’s writing again after a hiatus.)

Backseat DriverHow beautiful are our children? (Yes, even with my boy’s antics!)

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Really?  Honest and true?  Yes.

Today, the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, the day my family celebrates peak moments from the past year, I celebrate this:

  • Blogging, community, finding a voice, stretching and pushing myself further
  • All of you, readers, whether new or long-time, your visits and words make A Crunchy Life so much more special for me.
  • All of the learning, through success and failure, that I have found over the past year
  • Summer Designs Released today at A Crunchy Life on Etsy.

Here are some pictures of the designs being released today.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have loved and agonized over all of them, and how happy I am to finally share them with the world.  I also have to share–I’m so glad that the photo-shoots are done. You can see a picture here that shows just how much I enjoy the process (insert heavy sarcasm here).

Peak Moments PostFlutter Tank Top

Boatneck Shell meets Downward Facing DogBoatneck Shell

Boatneck Swing DressBoatneck Swing Dress

While I celebrate the solstice with my family, I’d also like to celebrate with you.  Between now and July 1st I am offering 10% off any shop order to my blog readers.  Simply type the code “celebrate500” in the message to seller when you check out and I’ll refund the 10% back to you.  So please, head on over to see and read more about the new designs and check out the other sales happening in the shop through the 1st of July.

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