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Snowy Log Rounds

The way the log pile looked, blanketed in snow today, made me happy. There’s something a bit awesome about looking at the tree rings, thinking about their life and the warmth and comfort they would someday provide my family.

Snow Dog & His Stick

More small delights in a dog who just can’t get enough of the snow. He leaps and bounds through the white landscape with abandon, so happy and free. Oh, to live in my body that way!

Braid Wednesday Again

Another happy snippet today was finally getting a shot for Braid Wednesday again! I haven’t worn it up like this in awhile, and it was a nice change. It was also fun when a group of students in class today wanted to examine it and ask how I did it. 🙂

The day wasn’t outstandingly good or bad, just a day in a life with sweet little moments.  What sweet moments have you found lately?


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Or shall I wax on about cabbage and ceiling wax?  Braids = one of my favorite hair styles, if a style you could call it.  I love them down my back, piled behind my head, on top of my head, twisted around the edge of my head. . . you get the idea.  And green?  Well, if you didn’t know it was my favorite color I suppose I haven’t been giving green its fair share of the limelight on this blog.  Finally, earrings = a favorite type of jewelry because I like them when my hair is short and when it’s long and I don’t have to worry about if they’ll fit a finger or a wrist or a neckline.  So this Braid Wednesday post is dedicated to all three favorite things.  (Can’t you just hear Julie Andrews singing about them?  I think I need to watch The Sound of Music.)

Braid Wednesday 9-2

The earrings are one of five pair that Kerry made me for my birthday recently. (Oh yeah, I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Now I’m a ripe 33.) I’ve been wearing a different pair each day since Saturday. The shirt is from the thrifting I did while visiting Kim.  And the hair?  You can read my musings about it more here if you so desire.

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About two years ago I saw a picture of Amanda Blake Soule with pigtail braids and poof–I was ready to grow my hair out again.  I had to be able to wear those braids again–the ones I had worn in high school, and a bit in college, and in graduate school, and the day before I was married. . .  So I went from very short hair (that I wore for about a year, this taken 3 years ago):


to this:
Braids Down Low

A friend asked me this past weekend if I ever thought there would be a time when I’d be too old for the braids and I said no.   I love seeing older women with gray and silver and white hair with braids piled high.  Does this mean that I will leave my hair long forever more?  Probably not.  I cycle through, intermittently desiring long or short locks.  I think I’m still digging my longer hair right now, especially since I have only recently been able to actually put it in braids.  But this seemingly silly topic has had me thinking about what creates our tastes, why do I like my braids so much?  The giddiness that results from pigtail braids seems to be tied up in my love of trees and tree images, the smell of soil after the rain, flowing clothing and other simple pleasures.  Do I like them for their ease of wear or their look?  Does it matter?  Ah, the topics that float through my mind on an overcast summer morn.

If you, too, like braids you should check out the flickr group dedicated to them, Braid Wednesday.

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