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Clutter-Cleared Fabric Shelves

As part of my intention for this project in 2010, I thought I’d share another picture of my work space.  Too bad I didn’t get pictures of these shelves before they were cleaned and all was folded anew.  Decluttering and organizing my sewing niche has allowed me to be able to breath deeply again when I work in it, and even when I simply walk past. I’ve noticed that the messier things get around our home, the more constricted I feel, and the more I just want to go hide in a corner and knit. As I’ve thought about this the past few days, the words of my yoga teacher (and friend!) would come to mind.  She has been talking about the principles of Anusara as a theme for our current session, one of which is opening to grace (there’s that word again!).  One way to do so, she has explained, is to find spaciousness.  Off my mat, I think this spaciousness is literal–in reducing the clutter.

What happens for you when things are cluttered or messy?  Can you feel a difference in your being when the clutter is cleared?


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