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I’ve been hinting and showing little glimpses of the project we worked on with friends at the end of July.  Now for more of a tour for you, patient readers.

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It’s cold, there’s snow and ice, and we keep a fire merrily burning most of the day and night.  And yet, have you noticed that the sun is setting later and rising earlier?  Have you seen the tight buds on the trees, the promise of life wrapped snugly within?  There is no holding back the cycle of the year.

Garden Planning 2010

The Wheel turns, and thus I pull out my trusty garden excel file, I find all of my seed packets where they have been stashed in the freezer, and with them I remember the past and dream of the future growing season.  A small part of me finds the task of cataloging my seeds and making my list to order a bit odious.  Why?  Because I just shove all of the seeds away when I’ve planted them, with no organization making it time-consuming and dull to sort through all of the packets to see what I still have, weed out seeds that are too old, and then find them all again when it comes time to start the planting in a few weeks (eek!).

This year I took the “clear clutter, create space” adventure to my seed packets.

Exhibit A: The packets strewn all over my couch, and believe it or not, they are actually organized by plant type here.

Seed Packet Ordered Chaos

Exhibit B: The packet now organized not only by plant type, but by how many weeks before last frost (BLF) they are to be started in the flats or simply planted outside.

Ready for Planting Time

This is going to make sowing time so. much. better.  I won’t be scrambling to find the seeds needed according to my spreadsheet.  Once again, I feel like I can breathe deeply anew.  I hope this lesson stays with me this year!

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