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From The Land Before Dreams

A few weeks ago as I was drifting off to sleep a vision of a new dress design floated before my eyes.  As sleep took hold I grasped at the idea and how to execute it.  The next day I sketched it quickly and then it just sat for awhile.  I worked on the dress here and there, drafting a sleeve, cutting fabric, gathering the bodice pieces, step by step until it was done.

Dress in Progress 2

All I’ve managed to capture were these two images of it before I added a bright red rolled hem to match the cuffs and neckline.

Dress in Progress

In those night visions I saw slashes of color and that’s just what I now have. When I slid the dress over my head for the first time I gave a little squeal of delight. I’m looking forward to doing a real photo shoot with it and listing it in the shop. As for the sample which I now have, I might be adding embroidery to it at some point. I’ll definitely be wearing it, and not just to dance in front of the mirror in my bedroom.


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Sewing for Me & More

ipad cover 1

I have in an ipad in my life now and I wanted to protect it so that it would last a long, long while and to make it a bit less industrial modern, to boot. So I went in search of a case and came up flat. Either there was the plain black from Apple or a sleeve could have been had in many patterns. I did not, however, want a sleeve. I wanted something to protect the ipad while I was using it. I searched Etsy and found this pattern from seller Sewspoiled.

ipad cover 3

I am so happy with the final product as it does just what I wanted it to do. I shared it with friends who also have ipads. And now I’ve made a cover for one of them so far, too:

Amy Jo Case 1

I have fabric to make some for other lovely people in my life. And now I’m extending the offer to my readers and beyond. If you aren’t a sewist or don’t have time to make one for yourself or you know someone who might like one, drop me a line or send me a request. I will be making them for $30 US, plus shipping as the designer has given permission in the pattern rights to make and sell these covers.  I’d love to make one for you!

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Don’t Be Afraid

“Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid it will never begin.”

–Grace Hanson

I made it through Mayday!  Despite nerves and last-minute panic attacks, the show happened and I survived it all with a smile on my face.

Getting Ready

There was a steady, lovely crowd there from opening until after closing. People were kind in their words and manner. I sold a few things, including the Gathered Yoke Shirt.

Table Close-up 1

The show was such fun, too. There was live music, a hula demonstration, and chocolate samplings throughout the day. The Village Gate was beautiful to look at with sculptures and other pieces of art decorating the space.

Table Close-up 3

I wasn’t able to see much of the rest of the show because I was by myself all day, though what I did see what great!  I’m sad to say that the pictures L1 & I took were few and poor. Wrong lens, wrong ISO, and a feeling like I didn’t have time to take pictures because I needed to be ready to greet and talk with people all contributed to some of the worst pictures I’ve taken in a long time. *sigh* That is my biggest disappointment, I think, that I don’t really have good pictures to hold the show better in my memory.

Blurry Full Booth

Whatever may come after this, more shows or no (though I think more would be good!), at least I won’t have regrets.

ps: I spent time during the show embroidering the above quote on some fabric.  It was so fitting, don’t you think?

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Half Moons and Gathered Flowers

Half Moon Twirly Skirt 1

Half Moon Twirly Skirt 2

Remember that skirt I  made at the end of the summer?  I was all philosophical about it, thinking I had learned a good lesson from the incorrect fit of it for me.  Apparently not, because even though I thought I was changing the fit issue, I just drafted this pattern with the same exact issue.  SO, dear self, take note: you DO NOT like to wear your skirts below your belly button!!!  Otherwise the skirt is quite lovely with its buttoned closure and half-moon pockets.

Half Moon Twirly  Skirt 3

So rather than wearing it as a sample at the show this weekend it will be on display and perhaps someone out there will be its perfect match.  If someone happens to love it, but it isn’t just right for their body?  I’ll be taking measurements for custom orders.

Half Moon Twirly Skirt 4

For the non-skirt lovers/wearers out there, I made another variation of the pleated button shirt I shared recently.
Pleated Contrast

The sleeves are fuller in this version and gathered with a contrasting fabric, and the neckline is bound with the same contrasting fabric.  There’s not a button on this one.  I couldn’t find just what I wanted and decided it was better without any button than a less-than-perfect button.  And, of course, there are those out in the big wide world who aren’t button-lovers, either.

Pleated Contrast Cuff

I have a couple of other designs not yet photographed for this weekend, and a new little twist for my bulk food bags, too.  If only I could decide how to display it all!  I hope to still be in tomorrow with a moment from the week.  But if I’m not, you can be sure I’ll be back next week with many moments from Mayday to share here.

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Pleats, Buttons, & Vintage Sheets

Pleated Button Front

This design has been in my book for a long, long time. Remember L4’s new shirt (and those others referenced in that post)? It inspired me to create a grown-up version. The tie, which while cute on a little child, I thought would be cumbersome and annoying on an adult. I thought a decorative button or two would be better. And I moved the pleat to the side instead of the center. It’s strange, because I generally really like symmetry, but so many things that I sketch lately are asymmetrical. I don’t know what’s come over me!

Pleated Button Bottom Detail

A little squeal escaped my lips when I tried this on after sewing was complete. Except for the less-than-desirable job I did ironing the pleat out before putting on the neckline, this was just what I wanted it to be.

Pleat Detail 1

I used a vintage sheet I had on hand, but oh-so-soon I am excited to say will have these beautiful printed fabrics on hand, along with midnight black and chocolate brown solids, all certified organic, for this design and others.  They should be much more drapey/less stiff than the sheeting was.  Of course, if someone wanted the sheeting, I still have enough of it left to make at least one more!

The buttons, folks, are stumping me.  I can’t decide what I should do for them in the future.  Please share your thoughts on buttons with me here!

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A Gathering of Fabric

Coming oh-so-soon are some new, more autumn appropriate designs in my shop.  Today I’m sharing the first with you, which I have prosaically named “Gathering Yoke.”  To be perfectly honest, I designed this shirt with someone more busty than myself in mind.  I spent sometime over the summer asking women about their clothes, what they did and didn’t like.  For the more full-chested among those who I interviewed over and over again they reported that if they had a shirt that fit their chest it tended to be too voluminous in the body.  This is, of course, an issue with standardized clothing in general.  Though there are trends of similarity in our various body-types, the way we’re put together also can differ tremendously.  Enough of my diatribe on fit, though.  Here is the new shirt (in which I’m kicking myself for not wearing a bra that did the shirt more justice and for not ironing it!):

Gathered Yoke 1

Gathered Yoke 3

Gathered Yoke 4

Gathered Yoke 2


This shirt will be available in my shop soon, in all of the colors already available for other designs.  I’ll also have at least this one at Mayday.  I’d really rather make everything for custom measurements rather than grading patterns for standard, but if I have time I might make a couple in other sizes.  If you could have it in any color, what would it be? (Because you would want one, right? 🙂 )

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There is no better way for me to express how much I love those in my life than with my time and my hands.  And so another season of handmade holiday gifting begins with a shelf lined with yarn (though not all gifts for others, *ahem*).

Unravel 3-3

There always seems to be a project I’ve fallen in love with and want to make for myself when the holiday knitting commences. This year is no different, except that I’m actually knitting a few rows on this coveted project every day. The next several weeks are going to be busy around here between my day job, knitting, and preparing for the Mayday show.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of the journey here.

Wishing none of you a case of the Mondays!  I’m going to be trying to enjoy some of my morning before the grading avalanche that begins anew this afternoon.

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