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Snap Pea Rosa 2

My ears aren’t cold outside anymore. Thanks, Amanda!

Snap Pea Rosa 3

I was able to use yarn leftover from other projects. Thanks, thrifty me.

Snap Pea Rosa 1

I took a picture of my face, full frontal view. I never do this. In fact, I like to avoid shots of my face altogether. You might have noticed that in this space. Thanks to my word for 2011, growth. (And thanks to L1, my personal Holly King, for giving me the gift of this word.)


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Buttons Get Me Every Time

Every time I try to finish a project, that is.  Or maybe I should say “closures” do?  Exhibit A: L4’s Roo coat, Exhibit B: My Ambrosia sweater, Exhibit C, L4’s birthday sweater last year, Exhibit D, a sweater I finished in January and just sewed a button onto yesterday:

Claret Sark 1

Claret Sark 2

Pattern: Tumeric by Veera

Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock in oxblood

Mods: I put the button on the neckline instead of the pleat because it tipped forward when at the bottom of the pleat.  If I was going to go through all the trouble of finding a good button, I wanted to be able to see it!  Find any other ramblings about the project here on Ravelry.

Two of the above listed projects still don’t have closures.

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Creekbed Cowl

riverbed cowl hanging

riverbed cowl in action

I finished this cowl on Friday and have been wearing it almost constantly since. I made it from the leftover wool I had from my mittens knit up last winter.

take two mitten in the snow

When I finished the cowl and put it on I wasn’t sure I would like it at first. While I can wrap it around twice so it is snug next to my neck, it’s almost too snug. I didn’t think that having it hanging long would keep me so warm. But it does! I am so, so happy with it and the fact that I used up some yarn sitting on my shelf. I think my girl is going to be requesting a new cowl for herself soon, too.

*** Edited to Add***

Ravelry pattern information here.

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That’s what I think when I knit or sew anything for my boy now.  He’s nine and a half, and someday soon I feel like it just won’t be cool to wear something his mama has made for him and that he won’t be snuggling in my lap anymore (or he won’t fit in it!).  Each time he is happy with what I’ve made him, it’s a little celebration.  I finally got pictures of him wearing his solstice sweater and thought I’d share here.

Thistle Waistcoat 4_1

Thistle Waistcoat 3_1

Thistle Waistcoat 5_1

Knitting Stats

Pattern: Boy’s waistcoat by Katya Frankel, size 30″

Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Woodland in Prussian Blue

Knitting friends, this yarn was great!  It’s a wool/nettle blend.  Yes, I knit with nettles!  It has a lovely drape to it and spit spliced like a dream. 🙂

No mods to this pattern, save for leaving off the pockets.  Vests for the men-folk are rocking my knitting world!  Someday I’ll share the progress on L1’s vest.  Knitting is getting a bit difficult as the winter ravages the skin on my fingertips.  My skin keeps snagging on my wool, not pleasant.

Thistle Waistcoat 1_1My not-so-little boy in his serious photo-shoot mode!

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Pyorre No More

You see that? It’s what is left of L1’s sweater I was making him for his 35th birthday. He turned 36 in December. Yes, I’m that brilliant of a wife. Once upon a time those balls were two sleeves and about 10 inches of the body of a really great sweater. But I didn’t enjoy working on it AT ALL. I was feeling guilty when I didn’t work on it, but unhappy when I did knit it. It was not a good combination.

So as I finished this sweater I knit for a friend:
Sanguine Sigh 3I frogged L1’s sweater. Dear as Tracey is to me, she isn’t my husband. But she got a sweater from me (or will soon, it’s in the mail!) and L1 didn’t.

He takes it all in stride and has happily agreed to a lovely zipper front sweater vest (no sleeves, hurray!). The yarn has been ordered for it because, sadly, the fiber I was using for the frogged sweater is not the right weight. I think it’s going to go toward my boy’s birthday sweater (whatever that might be!) this coming summer. Lest you think L1 is a complete saint, I have knit him a completed sweater in the past, sleeves included:
L1's Drizzle

Now I think I’ll keep knitting the sweater for me…

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All Wrapped Up

Though I love the book, and its predecessor, as any one who knits knows, it is a bit of a misnomer.  Hand knits are NEVER last minute.  They simply can not be by their very nature.  Choosing the yarn, the pattern, swatching and then knitting the final product is all part of a process that takes a little bit of planning, at the least, and hours of creating to reach fruition.

Baby Socks & Cardigan

But oh! to see those stitches work into something to be used, worn, loved by someone–that is such a happy feeling, regardless of if the project is “last minute” or not.  Though  I surely knit a great deal for myself (I know I appreciate what I make!), I do love to knit for others, too.  So bring on the last-minute gifts or the more long-term projects.  I’ll take them both.

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A Wee Addictive

For Baby Clark

Fast, sweet, and fun, knitting this little sock was addictive. My usual, “just one more row” went far beyond that. I stopped because my hands really couldn’t handle any more knitting (the carpal tunnel seems to be worse than usual lately) and settled in with Pride and Prejudice before bed instead.

Knitting Stats:

Pattern: Baby Socks by Joelle Hoverson in More Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Yarn: Lornas Laces Shepherd Multi, leftover from socks made for a friend years ago

No mods, pattern was just fine as is, made in 0-6 month size.  The book is great, I think I’ll be using it just as much as I have the first.   The socks are for a new baby soon-to-arrive in our family.  Her little sweater is almost done, too, just waiting some buttons and seaming. The shower is this weekend, so I need to get-to-it!

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