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In my last post I mentioned how spoiled I was. Here is the proof of the spoiling from my Sock Pal, Katy.

First, the socks:
Sockapaloooza 4 Socks Sockapaloooza 4 Socks
Knit in Lorna’s Laces (a favorite of mine!) using the Spring Cable Pattern by Elinor Gray, they are the first pair of knit “sided” socks I have! (Sided meaning one goes on a particular foot, or at least, that is how it appears to me.)

Second, goodies for the entire family:
Presents for the Whole Family
Katy made those notepads with recycled materials. She found my soft spot, eh?

Third, more fiber and recycled goodness:
Presents for L2
Extra yarn from my socks, hopefully enough to make a pair for L3, a record bowl (Beethoven is the selection, btw), and two skeins of Lorna’s Laces, colorway = one of a kind! Come January, you should see that yarn on my blog, hopefully be knit up in some fantastic pattern.

Please forgive the photo quality, as this late autumn lighting does not lend itself to photos (ie: gray, then sun, then gray again).


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We were out of town for the past several days visiting with my wonderful cousin and her husband and dog-kids.  We had a wonderful veggie-thanksgiving feast that lasted for days. There was good music, good food, good company, and even a trip to IKEA on the way home yesterday.  So many things for which to be thankful.

And coming in a post when I can get some good, sunny pictures my other bits about which I’m thankful.  I got not one, but TWO PAIRS of hand knit socks in the past week.  Yes, I’m a spoiled woman.

I hope all of you had a lovely holiday as well.  Soon I should be back to my regularly scheduled blogging.  Except for the piles of grading awaiting me…

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They are done! Yes, my SP4 socks are finished and blocking as I type. Pictures:

SP4 overall shotSP4 detail shot    

Here is the low down:

I finally ended up using a cabled pattern from Knitting on the Edge called Maypole Ridge (Nicky Epstein), along with Socks 101 from Knitty.com. The socks were knit on US 4s with Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sport in Daffodil.

I feel like such a weight has been lifted. I’ve been very intimated about knitting these for my pal, but now they are done and I’ll be able to mail them off next week (eek!) with no problems. Now I just need to find some little treats to send along in the package.

Next up? More work on Cables & Os, maybe even Avast. And more sock knitting, but this time for family members, with Wick again. 🙂

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Today has been, most prosaically, spent cleaning house. Specifically, I had a goal of obliterating the gritty texture that clings to my bare feet as I walk around the house. We have hardwood floors and I love them, but I do not love the grit. I’ve cleaned both bathrooms, L4’s room, the upstairs hallway, dust mopped our bedroom, and vacuumed the DR/LR (one big room) and the kitchen and downstairs hallway. So much more needs to be done, but I’m taking my second break of the day since L1 left to go row. Not sure what I’ll tackle next, other than a little bit of staining for a kitchen cabinet. (yes, dear friends and family, we’re still not done with our kitchen that we started in 2004. But when the cabinets are handmade, it takes awhile to get things done. That, and having a baby in the middle of the project, a husband in graduate school and then at a new job… and life in general.)

While I “rest” I am going to try and finish up my project for my friend T’s new baby boy. I finished the main part during the first break this morning and have just one thing left to do. I hope to get baby and big sister’s gifts in the mail tomorrow, as well as the yarn off to my secret skein pal. Once baby project is done I can devote time to finishing up sock #2 for my SP#4 pal. And making some clothes for L3 for an upcoming family wedding. And I still need to find some fabric to make my dress for the event as well. I’ve been looking, but haven’t found anything I like yet.

In the meantime, I’ll be watching the butterflies grace the lavender bed. 🙂

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Three times was not a charm. Turning the heel for the second time on this sock, and getting through the gusset before realizing that 1) I didn’t do enough decreases for the gusset, 2) The yarn was beginning to pool, and 3) I was not happy with how the pattern was coming out all made me realize that I need to rip this sock for a 3rd time. I have picked out a stitch pattern from Knitting on the Edge, called the maypole ridge or something like that, to try again this time. I will be sitting down with my calculator at some point today (I hope!) to work out the details so that I can knit the sock and then its mate. Here is a picture of the sock in its current state (as of yet unripped):

SP4 Sock After Gusset, Take 3

As I mentioned in my last post, Tuscany is done! Here is a picture of it blocking. Tuscany Blocking

I don’t have any others, yet. I love it! I did one less repeat than called for in the pattern because 1) I am 4’11” and 2) I was ready to have it be done so I could move on to L3’s birthday sweater (of which I have more than 1/2 of the back done at this point, yippie!). The Handmaiden SeaSilk was beautiful, though slippery, and I’m very happy I ended up working with it (got it for a deal on ebay!).

Though I said I had finished the Weekend Getaway Satchel, I wasn’t completely accurate in that statement. I had felted it and it is now sewn together (what a challenge for Lady Kenmore that was!) and the hex top is waiting to be stitched in. Then I have to sewn on the straps, make a masonite bottom for it (and cover that with fabric), then install the feet. The thing is huge! I will definitely be able to pack clothes in it for a trip, maybe Martha’s Vineyard. It will be perfect for weekend trips, too. 🙂 Pictures when it is truly finished, maybe next week, maybe this weekend, depending on life.

Finally, here are some pictures of our garden from this past weekend. I love spending time out there. It’s my peaceful place. Please ignore the long grass all around the beds. We are still trying to figure out the best way to deal with it. I’d like it gone, but that didn’t happen this year. Maybe next spring or this fall… Anyway, the first picture is of the cucumber bed. The cucumbers are actually quite small still, but the trellis is up and waiting for them to climb it. There is also black-seeded simpson lettuce growing in the bed (it’s wonderful, will grow again!) as well as some corn, dill, cilantro, and borage (self-seeded itself from last year). The second picture is of the broccoli bed. It is doing well and also in that bed are some peppers, some more borage, nasturdium (self-seeded from last year), a grape tomato, and a black cherry tomato. The third shot is of the pea bed in the forefront and you can see the cucumber and broccoli beds in the background. In the pea bed are snow and snap peas as well as celery and some peppers.

Cucumber Bed on 6/16 Broccoli Bed on 6/16 Pea Bed on 6/16

We also have two tomato beds with various other things growing in them (leeks, basil, lettuce, brussel sprouts, etc) and a melon bed (honeydew and sugarbaby water melon) with some tomatoes and arugula in it, and some more nasturdium. There are also two raspberry beds (to the left of the cucumber bed), 1 strawberry bed (alpines, yummm) and one misc bed with a Loganberry plant, some extra tomatoes that I couldn’t bring myself to compost, and some tomatilla seeds growing. Then we have a bed with zuccini and some more peppers, and a last bed with sorrel (regrowing from last year), bird gourds (for projects, not to eat), lettuce and carrots. Oh, what a harvest we’ll (hopefully!) have this year.

In closing, some things to ponder from Waldon:

However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names. . . You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poor house. The setting sun is reflected from the windows of the alms-house as brightly as from the rich man’s abode; the snow melts before its door as early in the spring. I do no see but a quiet mind may live as contentedly there, and have as cheering thoughts as in a palace. . . Things do not change; we change. Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts. . . Superfluous wealth can buy superfluities only. Money is not required to buy one necessary of the soul.

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Knitting Vintage Socks came in to my local library and I picked it up Saturday.  I picked out a pattern on Saturday evening (Fancy Silk Sock)  and was all ready to get started when I looked at the yarn requirements again.  I have sportweight Lorna’s Laces for my Sock Pal’s socks, and the pattern calls for fingering weight.  I don’t want to buy more yarn, as I think the colorway is perfect, so I have to make it work.  Between using Knitty’s “Sock 101” instructions and my calculator, I think I might have it worked out.  Here are some progress shots:

img_0271_800×533.jpg          img_0287_800×533.jpg          img_0288_800×533.jpg

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I thought I was cruising, I thought I was high-flying.  I had my pal’s information, I bought some great Lorna’s Laces yarn in the colors she likes from Ebay,


and I used the ball winder and beautiful swift (my dad made it for me and I love it) to wind up said yarn.


Then I started knitting the pattern I had chosen, Kew, from Knitty.  The pattern wasn’t too bad to knit, though it seemed a bit large.  I kept on chugging, however, and finished about 30 rounds, or the first repeat of the pattern.  Though I liked how the colors were coming out in the pattern, it was inordinately large.  I decided not to continue with the pattern, even in a different needle size.  So I spent this evening looking for more patterns.  I have a couple set aside, Snicket and Rainy Day from magknits.com.  But I’ve also placed a hold on Vintage Knitted Socks from my local library.  I won’t decide on a new pattern until I’ve perused it.  In one word, bleh.  In the meantime, I’ll keep busy with other projects.

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