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Today marks day four of  “spring break” for the institution where I teach.  This year I have been reveling in a number of projects at a relaxing pace.  Yesterday L4 was sorely disappointed because I wouldn’t let her go play in the fickle, yet harsh weather.  To distract her I said, “Do you want to paint with me?”  This is almost universally greeted with shouts of joy and yesterday was no exception.

Box of Paints

She pulled out a canvas, brushes and her old paint smock.  Then she went to town squeezing out colors into her little paint tray while I pulled out a few muted shades and squirted a bit onto my tray and rolled the brayer through them.

L4's Pallete

L4 began dabbing colors about and painting the word “love” on her canvas.

L4's full canvas

I pulled out my canvas prepped from the day before with a symbolic-to-me collage.

Growth in progress

Side by side we sunk into our respective projects.  It was just plain good.  All too soon it was time to stop and put away our materials and get my girl out to her bus.  Just a day in a life, but it a happy one.


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It’s here!  I am honored to be a contributor again to this beautiful publication.


My piece is entitled, “The Sign of the Robin.”  I’m also part of the give-away being hosted to celebrate the launch of the spring edition here.  Thank you to all of you who come and visit me here as your presence encouraged me to write for ROTH.  And to those of you who are visiting for the first time as a result of ROTH, I’m so glad to have you here.  Welcome!

Now–go check out all the amazing projects and articles in the Spring Edition!

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