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Lounging in the Sun

My babes, right before school began this fall.

The first time I ever sent my boy on the bus all by himself I felt a tremor of trepidation. Every time he or his sister have gone off into the world, into social situations which I couldn’t monitor in me there was an undercurrent of tension and elation. They both are so much more social than I, so I was happy for them to have that need and desire for companionship fulfilled. At the same time, I was tense with concern about how they would behave with others and in turn, how they would be treated.  I’m sure many of us had less-than-pleasant experiences in our childhood interactions with our peers.  Oh, how I wish I could shield my babes from this!  (more…)


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Why?  Because apparently I look like the first two in the dress I worked on yesterday which makes me feel the third.  But here it is, on me, for you all to see, and maybe give a little feedback.

Not quite right 1

Hmmm, not too bad, right?

Not quite right 2

Hey wait–she just said she’s not pregnant!

Not quite right 3

Look at all that extra fabric floating around the midline.

Not quite right 4

Where’s my bu*t?

Not quite right 5

Come here, Jasper. What, you can’t see me as I hide in my personal tent?!?

I think I have figured out what the dress needs– waist shaping.  I was planning on wearing it out to dinner tomorrow night, but that might not happen if I don’t have it “fixed” in time.  I’ve left the dress unhemmed so that I can modify the sides without having to worry about the bottom.  And if all else fails I make it into something else.  Goodness knows that skirt has enough fabric in it!

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Front of Bed Pal

How many of you out there are excited about all of the “green” and “eco-friendly” we see mainstreamed today?  Anybody have any negative feelings about it? Sometimes I do. . . (more…)

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Are You Sure?

A student asked me that tonight as I was trying to answer her question.  I was telling her about some research in relation to her question and she looked at me all skeptical-like and said, “Are you sure? Because I scored a 3 on the scale in this other class. . . ”  augh.  I was so taken aback by the skepticism, totally taking it as a personal attack, that I couldn’t formulate a response to the “because I scored” part.  If I had been in top teacher mode then I would have been able to use it as a teaching moment against using one instance as proof that something is totally wrong.  But I wasn’t, and it threw me off, doubting myself and my knowledge.  I felt off for the remainder of the class.  Obviously I’m still reeling from it a bit if I’m writing about it here.  Don’t get me wrong–I love my students to think and ask questions.  If I can’t answer it I’ll tell them that I don’t know and that I’ll find an answer.  And I do.  But this was totally out of my realm of experience.  I haven’t had someone question my response in such a way before.  I’m already working on finding a better response to her question, including checking in with someone else about it.  I’m going to work hard not to feel all jittery when looking at her now or to respond to her any differently than I did in the past.

Have any of had a similar experience (not necessarily with teaching)?  If so, how have you handled it?  Or not. . .  *sigh*  I really need to learn not to take things so personally.

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I Am NOT Your Friend

I shuddered everytime Sen McCain said, “my friends.”

Any memorable moments for you from this debate?  I didn’t enjoy this debate as much as the other two so far.

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Priceless Lines

* * * WARNING * * *

This post is political in nature.  I tried to get these quotes as they were being said, but they may not be entirely exact.  Forgive that, and if you don’t want to get into politics, don’t keep reading!


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Drill Baby, Drill?!?!

That was one of the chants shouted last night at the Republican National Convention. I sat there in shock. L1 and I were watching it because we wanted to be more well-informed before the debates this fall. It was so frustrating. As Giuliani was discussing how McCain would help with our energy crisis and dependence on foreign oil, he said triumphantly something like, “And yes, John McCain will make sure we do off shore drilling.” The crowd cheered and shouted, “Drill baby, drill” and Giuliani laughed at it. Yes, let’s drill away for oil that we won’t see on the market for years and that won’t make much more than a few cents difference in gas prices. That isn’t going to help us NOW. Between that and the chants, “zero” referring to Obama’s “zero experience” leading, it was hard to watch. But we plan on listening to McCain’s acceptance speech, so there’s more to come.

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