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Channyn tagged me a bit ago, but I’ve been a slow about blogging lately. Some might say that summer is a time to slow down, but the beginning of summer always feels fast paced as we have a flurry of things to “get done” once school is over.

What was I doing ten years ago?

  • Lived by myself with two cats, three hours from L1 (north) and Meg (south), family was 7 hours away.
  • Just finished my first year of graduate school
  • Just got engaged, so was beginning to plan a wedding for the next summer, 500 miles from where I was living
    • Sadly doing this planning without my mom because she had died the previous November. Future step-mom was great, but still sad that I didn’t get to share it with my mom.
  • Was beginning to study for my BTE (literally “Big Tough Exam) that I would take 1.5 years in the future
  • I would soon meet Tracey for the first time. 🙂
  • I didn’t knit and didn’t want to! *gasp*
  • I still hadn’t had my first alcoholic drink.

Five Things on My To-Do List:

Rather than give today’s specific, I’ll give a list of what it generally looks like this summer:

  1. Knit, sew, or some type of crafting and reading
  2. Some sort of activity with the kids, including reading, crafting, being in the garden together, swimming
  3. Working in the garden
  4. Some sort of exercise (lift, ride bike, yoga, walk)
  5. Working in the kitchen (examples: making bread dough, baking bread, cooking beans, making granola, jam, freezing peas)

Snacks I Enjoy:

  • Cheese, crackers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and soy pepperoni–this actually becomes a meal for me and not just a snack
  • Brownies
  • Homemade granola with yogurt or cottage cheese
  • Big Sur Bars (homemade power bar for which I found the recipe on the Internet)
  • Snap peas and snow peas (from the garden in the summer)
  • Fruit of the season
  • BREAD!!! This could be with or without something on it, and could range from wheat or artisan bread made at home or banana bread or zucchini bread or most types of bread…. Did you know that the only reason we grow zucchini is to make zuc bread? I have told myself that this year I really should try to make something else with it….
  • And if there are some around (which doesn’t happen in our house, generally, but if we’re at a party/picnic) I admit that I like me some chips, particularly some type nacho chip (Garden of Eden Black Bean chips are tasty… or blue corn chips) or Sunchips or maybe even Doritos.

If I were a billionaire:

  • Pay off all debt for myself and my loved ones.
  • Make our current home more sustainable with solar energy and whatever else codes would allow in our town.
  • I’m torn on this one: expanding attic to make craft and yoga/meditation area.  Why torn?  I’d love dedicated space (besides the hallway for my sewing machine & fabric) for those activities, but at the same time I don’t want to use up more resources for that.
  • Set up funds for our children.
  • Invest in research on alternative energies in hopes that affordable alternatives would become widely available.
  • I might buy some yarn and some fabric. 🙂

Really, that much money is kind of scary to me. I don’t think I would want that much. L1 and I have always said that we don’t want to be rich, but instead that we would like to be able to our bills, save money, and then still have some to be able to donate to charities, take a vacation without worrying about paying for it, and be able to indulge in things for the kids or ourselves on occasion. So I could go on with that list above about being a billionaire, but it isn’t what I want in my life.

Some of the people about whom I would like to learn more have already done this! I’ll just list a couple of people , some of whom don’t have blogs:

  • Kerry
  • Tara
  • Tracey (you know where you can answer these!)
  • Val

Play along if you’d like!


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I got my first tag and meme!  KABs tagged me for the Thinking Blogger Award and things to get to know me better.  Here I go!

Five Blogs that Make me think, in alphabetical order from my blogroll:

1.  Going Crunchy: I love seeing what others are doing to be more environmentally conscious.

2. SouleMama: Her creative energy and the way she lives with her family are inspiring.

3.  The Seven Things Project: A thought-provoking look at the clutter in our lives and clearing it out.

4.  Zen and the art of being mama: Again, thoughts for life and family, from consumerism to child love.

5. Wardrobe Refashion: talk about reduce, reuse, recycle!  Go check out what these people do with clothes and other objects!

And now things to get to know me better:

  1. What were you doing ten years ago?  Ten years ago I had just graduated from college, was working a full-time job and a part-time job (60+ hours/week) for the summer before moving to NH to start graduate school for my PhD in Psychology.  My mother was still alive and I was just beginning to appreciate her as an adult.  I’m thankful that happened.
  2. What were you doing one year ago? Reading articles on self-objectification theory, prepping for another new course, learning about becoming an adviser at work, and spending lots of time with the kids by myself because L1 was finishing up his classes for MS in Adolescent Ed, Earth Science/General Science.
  3. Five Snacks I enjoy: MMM, food.  Some snacks I enjoy are yogurt with almonds and Fitness Crunch cereal, bananas, peanut M & Ms, homemade protein bars, and cheese & crackers with tomatoes, cucumber, and soy pepperoni.
  4. Five Songs to which I know all the lyrics: Currently, many Gaia Consort songs, though it usually depends on what I am listening to most frequently at the time.
  5. Five Things I would do if I were a millionaire: Pay off all of our debt (student loans, mortgage) and my dad’s mortgage for him, make sure I had a good amount set aside for kids’ college, make our house as green as possible (solar power, etc), buy L1 a scull, and some revelry for myself before taking some and donating/investing in causes we support/believe.
  6. Five Bad Habits: not staying consistent with my exercise schedule, wanting dessert every night 🙂 , asking questions and not always listening to the answers, going into too much detail in my explanations, too much time on the Internet!
  7. Five Things I Like Doing: knitting, sewing, gardening, physical activity (lifting, biking, yoga), good family time (especially outdoors)
  8. Five Things I Would Never Wear Again: body suits, maternity clothing, layered socks, ??
  9. Five Favorite Toys: the swift my dad made me, my sewing machine, my ipod (can’t believe I’m writing that!!), my library card, our camera

Phew, that’s done!  I’ve got a lovely long to-do list for the day before A comes over and celebrates the solstice with us tonight!  Happy First Day of Summer to you all.

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