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Favorite Spot

Our Thanksgiving week was more than we had hoped. Our company arrived early and stayed an extra day, during which time we were able to enjoy the world around us, make and EAT so much good food together, knit, sew, talk, and just be.

Us All at the End

Our guests survived a horrible house fire a month ago. This Thanksgiving was so meaningful because we were grateful to have them here with us, safe. Kim & Craig, thank you for bringing what is important in life to the forefront in our minds, especially at this time of crazy consumption and frazzled, over packed schedules.


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Happy Tofurkey Day!

November Privet

Whatever you eat, whether you celebrate this holiday or not, may gratitude be a part of your day.  May you be buoyant and light with it.

I am so grateful for . . . my life.

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Roo Beginnings

I’ve been working on this sweet coat for L4 for over a month now. It’s been a fun project, and wrapping her up in it for walks in the world will be satisfying. It’s another project on which I’m learning new skills. I’ve only once lined a knitted object, and it was L3’s wand holder from the Harry Potter knits book, so it wasn’t a garment to be worn. Despite all of the clothes sewing that I do, I’m nervous for the lining on this project. And the zipper I plan on putting into it. But the fabric is soft and L4 chose it herself, from Anna Maria Horner’s new flannel line.  I have only the hood left to knit, then the lining will commence.  Hoods, however, are some of my least favorite things to knit.  But the pattern is well-written (Kate’s patterns generally are.  I love how very specific and detailed they are.  She makes things so very clear.) so it shouldn’t be difficult.

Roo in Progress

Soon, I hope, I’ll be back to show you pictures of my girl scampering about in her new coat.


What projects (knitted or otherwise) have been teaching you lessons of late?  I love to hear your stories!

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Look what I found when downloading pictures this morning:

Company for Jasper

Apparently the kids were having a photoshoot last night while I was getting on pajamas and sewing one square for my bento box quilt. I heard them giggling and talking about putting friends around Jasper. Now I know they were documenting the experience. It was a nice little surprise.  At least they know to put the camera strap around their necks!

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Kitchen Sleeping

L4 has been writing her name, and all sorts of other letters and even words when she asks us how to spell something.  But this morning L1 and I realized that she has her first sight word.  Are you ready for it?


Poop.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s poop.  Figures.

**edited to add**

Upon reflection I realized that L4 also frequently writes, “mom” and, “wow.”  I suppose that I should feel better now.  🙂

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After days of warmer temperatures, this morning we awoke to a cold, clear day with a hard frost on the ground.  We’ve had frost already, but without the protective cover of the leaves on the trees, it ws far spred in our yard this morning. The cold makes for a happy, happy dog!

Jasper in the frost 1

Jasper in the frost 2 Jasper in the frost 3

While Jasper romped about in the fresh air, L3 and I were busy exclaiming to each other about what we were seeing in the frost.  He showed me this:

Hard Frost 1

and I asked him to notice the frost here:

Hard Frost 2

The coldframe has been closed, protecting the tender growth within.  This morning all the condensation was highly noticeable on the inside of the lights, but the greens within were cosy as could be.

November Coldframe

November Lettuce

Despite the multiple frosts we’ve had, the cosmos are still in bloom.  Though I look forward to each season in its turn, there is still something so hopeful about those pieces of color shining through in the stark landscape of the dark season ahead.

November Cosmos

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Fall Spices

Remember my knitting hubris that I had to correct? I did finally finish the vest and the boy has worn it happily since.  I suppose his eagerness to wear the handmade love has  made all the angst worth it. 🙂

Fall Spices Pembroke Vest

Fall Spices Vest

Pattern: Pembroke by Kirsten Kapur

Yarn: Sirdar Denim Tweed DK (it was a door prize from a LYS last January)

Needles: US 5s

  • The pattern calls for changing needle size, but I didn’t do this because I forgot and it worked out fine.

Mods: I made the cables surrounding the center motif symmetrical rather than all twisting the same way as the pattern was written.  Though not really a modification, I knit the front cables without a needle and have been cabling without a needle ever since (currently on this project). From this project, then, I learned two new skills–how to fix a cable twisted the wrong way several rows back, and how to cable without a cable needle.  I’ll admit, I’m proud of myself for those gains.  Even if one of them was because I made a mistake. . .

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