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L3 and I just finished with his first knitting lesson.  That he is still excited about it as I type (telling me all his plans) is wonderful.  My boy is full of imagination, but not patience for frustration.  We worked on the knit cast-on and then knit one row of 10 stitches.  He just took “his” needles and yarn (green, of course, out of my left-overs drawer) to his room to keep them safe.  He has told me that we won’t have “lesson” on Saturdays and Sundays, but that we are going to have a little celebration with Daddy when he gets home from Empire State Games tomorrow evening.

Speaking of Empires, L1 and his boat-mates took first place in their event today, the Open Men’s Four with coxswain.  I know he is thrilled to be bringing home another gold medal.  Meanwhile, I’m almost done with his first sock, having started the toe decreases this afternoon as we’ve been housebound by thunderstorms.

I am bound to praise the simple life, because I have lived it and found it good.  When I depart from it, evil results follow.  I love a small house, plain clothes, simple living. . . to find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter; to find a quest of wild berries more satisfying than a gift of tropic fruit; to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest, or over a wild flower in spring–these are some of the rewards of the simple life. (J. Burroughs, chapter in The Earth Speaks, by S. VanMatre & B. Weiler)


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However, I may not see the sunshine with the projects I have in my queue right now! After finishing my SP4 socks, I started not one, but two new pairs of socks. Both are in Wick, one for my step-mom and one for L1. Neither of those, thankfully have a deadline. Last night I finished a pair of pants for L3 that I have been planning on since the Memorial Day shopping spree at JoAnns. I did a little photo shoot with my little drama king last night. Just have to download the pictures and then post them. However, by next Friday I have to:

  • Make another pair of the same pants for L3, plus a little jacket for a family wedding Another drat, short of the fabric I bought for this…. going to try to remedy that this afternoon. Fabric cut out, need to cut out lining, mark fabric, then get sewing.
  • Make napkins to go with the place-mats I made for the wedding gift this morning.
  • Possibly embroider said napkins. Started this today. We’ll see how it turns out! Two down, two to go, and not too bad.  Pictures when all done.
  • Make myself a dress for this wedding–which means finding some fabric pronto! Fabric found today! Embroidered linen, embroidery should match my Tuscany shawl. Dress begun, going to try and finish it today.  Eek!
  • Make L1’s anniversary present–also needing fabric for this Can’t do this after all, drat! Finished L1’s knitted socks with Wick and gave those to him instead.  They are now the “Anniversary Socks.”

In the meantime, L1 left this morning for Empire State Games, not to return until Saturday evening. The kids and I will be fabric shopping together. Hopefully there won’t be any casualties over the next couple of days as we have all this this mama time. We have some things planned and some easy dinners, so all should be well.

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They are done! Yes, my SP4 socks are finished and blocking as I type. Pictures:

SP4 overall shotSP4 detail shot    

Here is the low down:

I finally ended up using a cabled pattern from Knitting on the Edge called Maypole Ridge (Nicky Epstein), along with Socks 101 from Knitty.com. The socks were knit on US 4s with Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sport in Daffodil.

I feel like such a weight has been lifted. I’ve been very intimated about knitting these for my pal, but now they are done and I’ll be able to mail them off next week (eek!) with no problems. Now I just need to find some little treats to send along in the package.

Next up? More work on Cables & Os, maybe even Avast. And more sock knitting, but this time for family members, with Wick again. 🙂

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  • Watching and playing with the kids in the water at Green Lakes.
  • L3 helping put mums in the new garden bed.
  • Making L1’s glasses steam up with a kiss.
  • Laying in bed in the morning with L4 and having her little toddler voice say, “I love you.”

I hope your weekend has had some sweet and peaceful moments as well. 

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L1 finally finished looking through the several hundred pictures from vacation and they are now on Flikr for your perusal.  Mercifully, he didn’t put any of me in a bathing suit up for public consumption!  Anyway, something to pass the time if you’re procrastinating.  Cheers!

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Despite working on several various projects today, I feel muddled, stuck. This became more clear to me after reading the Mindful Knitting article in Knitty.com Summer 07 edition.  There are many things I could be doing with L4’s nap-time, but I’m sitting at my computer.  I want to create, but my mind feels covered in goo, for lack of a better word.  After I finish this post I might bake some cookies (to ease my soul) or work on a sock, or sew L3’s pants.  But what I really want is to let my mind escape to a world of creativity and vision.  Unfortunately, I have lost the key, the password, the way.

What do you do when you feel this way? How do you find the secret entrance once more? 

A little voice is whispering to me that I need to get out in Nature and observe Her, that watching through my living room window as I type isn’t enough.  Something is holding me back, however.  Maybe I’ll be able to figure it out this afternoon and will have some lovely epiphanies to share later.

In closing, here is a quote from The Psychology of Environmental Problems, a book I am reading for a new course I’d like to teach in the spring of ’08 if I’m allowed.

The environmental crisis is an outward manifestation of a crisis of mind and spirit.  There could be no greater misconception  of its meaning than to believe it is concerned only with endangered wildlife, human-made ugliness, and pollution.  These are a part of it, but more importantly, the crisis is concerned with the kind of creatures we are and what we must become in order to survive. (Lynton K. Caldwell, quoted by G. T. Miller, 2002, p. 1)

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Today has been, most prosaically, spent cleaning house. Specifically, I had a goal of obliterating the gritty texture that clings to my bare feet as I walk around the house. We have hardwood floors and I love them, but I do not love the grit. I’ve cleaned both bathrooms, L4’s room, the upstairs hallway, dust mopped our bedroom, and vacuumed the DR/LR (one big room) and the kitchen and downstairs hallway. So much more needs to be done, but I’m taking my second break of the day since L1 left to go row. Not sure what I’ll tackle next, other than a little bit of staining for a kitchen cabinet. (yes, dear friends and family, we’re still not done with our kitchen that we started in 2004. But when the cabinets are handmade, it takes awhile to get things done. That, and having a baby in the middle of the project, a husband in graduate school and then at a new job… and life in general.)

While I “rest” I am going to try and finish up my project for my friend T’s new baby boy. I finished the main part during the first break this morning and have just one thing left to do. I hope to get baby and big sister’s gifts in the mail tomorrow, as well as the yarn off to my secret skein pal. Once baby project is done I can devote time to finishing up sock #2 for my SP#4 pal. And making some clothes for L3 for an upcoming family wedding. And I still need to find some fabric to make my dress for the event as well. I’ve been looking, but haven’t found anything I like yet.

In the meantime, I’ll be watching the butterflies grace the lavender bed. 🙂

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