Treats for me!

Since being a small child, I’ve always loved when the mail comes, and especially the UPS truck.  Today I received not one, but three lovely packages in the mail.

  • Package number 1: Amy Butler fabric in the form of 5″ x 5″ quilt squares.  They will be going toward all sorts of vague projects floating around in my head.  (Oh, KAB, I really need to do more with a sketch/idea book!) These were from eBay.
  • Package number 2: Hemp/Organic Cotton corduroy fabric, 3 yards in natural, though I could probably dye it if I got brave enough.  (Any advice on dyeing things, Katie?) The eBay seller was so sweet, she also sent me several yards (so it looks) of hemp jersey fabric as well, also in natural.  It’s going to make some great pants or shirts for the kids and I.  Maybe even L1…  🙂
  • Package number 3: A skein of beautiful cotton/linen yarn from my secret pal in the No Sheep for You skein exchange.  I LOVE IT!  I was cuddling with it for a bit while dreaming about what I might do with it.  Maybe a knitted choker with beads?  Some bookmarks?  A skinny scarf?  A headband?

I’ll add some pictures later.  In the meantime, I’m about to go make strawberry pie, recipe from Wise Craft.  We are cooking the last batch of just strawberry jam right now (about 40 jars).  Then we’ll move on to some other berries or mixed varieties of jam.  I took pictures and may do a little photo how-to page later as well. 

We’ve also started our recycling/environment themed week with L3.  We read about our beautiful planet and two books on composting this morning already.  We have plans to make an actual structure for our compost pile later in the week.  L1 scored with a business near the kids’ daycare today for some free pallets.  We’ll probably pick them up tomorrow afternoon. 


Package #1a Package #1 photos Package #1b

Package #2 Package #2 photo

Package #3 Package #3 photo. 


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